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No radios are available

I have just bought a 6500 used and did get my laptop to connect to the 6500 and operate correctly.
I now want to use it with my shack PC. However after I click on the SMARTSDR 6000 a window pops up with this message " No radios are available". Moreover my callsign and name are printed next to a yellow 'CH'. This means that this information is downloaded from the rig since the software has not as yet allowed me to update the settings.

The login icons are greyed out and I cannot be used to log in or otherwise.

I turned on the rig several times , together with the software but to no avail .

I connected my laptop again and am having no problems to operate my 6500.

What am I doing wrong?




  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    The "CH" in the SmartLink account avatar area is the first two characters of the email address you have used to log on to SmartLink. which you can do prior to connecting to a radio.

    If you are getting no radios available while operating on a LAN, then there are several possibilities.

    1.) The radio has a static IP that is not in the same IP subnet as your LAN or it is in the same IP subnet, but there is an IP address conflict with another host (this is why we do not recommend setting a static IP address on the radio)

    2.) The IP addressing is correct, but the PC running SmartSDR for Windows is blocking the radio from communicating with the SmartSDR for WIndows application. This is usually due to a third-party firewall since the default Windows Defender firewall has pass rules added to it when the program is installed.

  • 9h1bw
    9h1bw Member
    Thank you I will try your suggestions.
  • 9h1bw
    9h1bw Member
    I would please appreciate you expanding on your suggestions.
    I am not that well versed in the matter.

    Can you please guide me to the correct spot in the manual or better can you elaborate on how I can go about it?

    Thank you for your help.

  • K0FLY
    K0FLY Member ✭✭✭


    If you haven't connect ed the "Shack PC" Ethernet cable directly to the radio, do so. Shut both unit s off, then turn them back on, I have seen where the Win 10 PC doesn't always detect new devices. In the manual look in section 7 and the paragraph that addresses "Direct PC connection".

    I'm using 2.6.1 SSDR, version 3 may display differently

    If you want to check the the radio's Ethernet IP status ( DHCP or Static) that Tim mentioned you will have to move the Ethernet cable to the laptop (which has talked to the radio) and then connect the to the radio.

    After SSDR connects to the radio do the following:

    1) Left click on the settings drop down menu.

    2) Left click on :Radio Settings", a popup screen will be displayed.

    3) Left Click on the "Network tab.

    4) Left Click on the "Advanced Button" displayed in the info block which indicates the IP address, Mask , and MAC address.

    5) A second block will displayed which will indicate if the radio is set up for "STATIC or DHCP" IP address. Verify that DHCP is blue which allows your router to assign an address or the PC to negotiate an address with the radio. Click on apply.

    Hope this gets you closer to operating.

    Gayle K0FLY

  • 9h1bw
    9h1bw Member
    Hi gentlemen,

    Thank you for your valuable help.

    I went through your suggestion and the following are my results.
    The IP is not set to static but DHCP
    My AVG security is set to allow the smartSDR apps
    I tried to connect the PC directly to the 6500 through the internet cable.
    I reinstalled the SmartSDR 6000 software.
    The error still persists.
    Do you have any other solutions?

    What came to my mind is to try a factory reset.


  • WK2Y
    WK2Y Member ✭✭

    Nothing wrong with doing a factory reset. It will eliminate one possibility. Just back up your profiles first.



  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    disable AVG and test again.

  • 9h1bw
    9h1bw Member
    Thank you Tim I disabled the AVG virus protection and the problem disappeared.
    Thank you also Bob I did not need to go that far.

    Thanks you all who sent me your suggestions to solve my problem.

  • WK2Y
    WK2Y Member ✭✭

    I have BitDefender and I am able to provide exceptions. Hopefully, you can do something similar with AVG. I would not want to run without virus protection these days.

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