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Legacy radio prices

I would like to see an active list of all of the legacy radios with a range of asking and selling prices for legacy flex radios. 2020/2021

The list would look like this:

-Flex-1500: Sell range: -Low$ High$

-Flex-3000: Sell range: -Low$ High$

-Flex 5000A single receiver, no ATU-Sell range-Low$ High$

-Flex 5000A single receiver, ATU-Sell Range-Low$ High$

-Flex 5000a Dual RX, no ATU:- Sell range-Low$ High$

-Flex 5000a Dual RX, ATU:- Sell range-Low$ High$

-Flex 5000a single receiver,Sell range- No ATU, VU: Low$ High$

-Flex 5000a dual RX, Sell range- ATU, VU Low$ High$

-Flex 5000C: Sell range- ATU, VU Low$ High$


Firewire card

Granite firewire cable


  • VE7ATJ_Don
    VE7ATJ_Don Member ✭✭✭

    I think you might have some difficulty finding this info. From what I've seen on QTH.com, QRZ.com and eBay, those radios don't come up for sale very often and when they do, they are snapped up quite quickly.

    Firewire cards and cables are available on amazon and ebay at reasonable prices, I believe.


  • John K3MA
    John K3MA Member ✭✭
    If you look up the history of sales on the three common forums that are used for selling used gear then you will be able to quickly assemble the list for yourself. From my monitoring of sale prices I would table the following.

    Flex 1500 $425 +/- $25
    Flex 3000 $600 +/- $100
    Flex 5000a 1RX no ATU $700 +/- $100 (Usually add $100 for 2nd RX and $100 for ATU plus of minus $50 each)
    5000c do not come along very often but should be plus maybe $200 for the inclusion of the PC
    5000 VU units are all over the map and it is tough to tell if they actually sell at some of the higher list prices.

    Of course all these price vary by conditions, accessories include, shipping included, Paypal included and urgency of the sale but are in the ball park in my opinion.

    John K3MA
  • Robert KB6QXM
    Robert KB6QXM Member ✭✭


    Nice reply to my e-mail. I have a very low use Flex 5000a with a single receiver and an ATU. From what I read is that the selling price should be around $800-$900 plus shipping. I will be posting my radio here soon as I want to keep it in the Flex community.

    Thank you and 73,


  • John K3MA
    John K3MA Member ✭✭
    With anything used it is only worth the price someone is willing to pay for it. Sometime your posting is good timing and a buyer wants one immediately and there are no others listed and you can get a price on the high side. Other time (most often) there are other listed and you need to be flexible in your price. Good luck with your sale.
  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker Member ✭✭

    I own a FLEX 5000a with both ATU and dual receivers, and would never THINK about selling it!

    I mean, say I sold it for 1000.00 ?

    What would I get that will beat it, for the same money ?

  • Robert KB6QXM
    Robert KB6QXM Member ✭✭

    Chris, I was not asking if you were selling your 5000a. Great, keep your rig.

    I bought a 6500 and now I am considering selling my 5000a. I will say that I am not pleased with the SmartSDR software over PowerSDR, especially after KE9NS took over the software. It is so feature rich now. The only thing that I like better with my 6500 is that I no longer have to rely on my computer to do all of the processing of IQ data for the radio.

    I do not miss having to do a science fair as far as grounding and ferrite cores on all of the cables. I do not miss having to tweak Windows and check DPC latency figures and worry about drivers trashing my radio.

    No longer do I have to worry about RF ingress as I did with my 5000a. Am I going to miss the feature rich PowerSDR. You bet! Am I miss not having to pay for an upgrade? You bet. It is a tradeoff. Pros and Cons of the 5000a versus the 6XXX series.

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