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FRS Help Desk message board is like a phone without a ringer

Flex recommended I switch from software version. They said v2.6.50 might corrupt the SD card. And Flex recommended I make profiles. I did both. That's when the trouble began. I quickly learned how to export and import Profiles as my new Profiles were constantly being lost.

I am still loosing Profiles with every power down. I contacted the Help Desk 8 days ago.

The Help Desk suspects my SD is corrupted. I suspected as much too. The Help Desk offered to send me a new SD card, a #8 torx driver and instructions.

Of course I agreed and sent my mailing address. That was 5 days ago. And I sent another message; "Will the SD card be loaded with V2.4.10? I know there are two version 2's that don't corrupt the SD card. I prefer v2.4.10 because the other one stutters while sending CW." That was 5 days ago.

5 days ago, instead of the help desk saying, yes the SD card with v2.4.10 is on its way, they wrote; "Steven, yes the SD card will have V2.4.10 preloaded. Let me know if this is acceptable, and I'll inform our shipping team".

So, 8 days later, I am no closer to receiving a new SD card. If only the Help Desk had sent me an email to notify me of a new message (you know, the email connected to my Help Desk account) I could have replied 5 days ago.

The FRS Help Desk is like a phone sans ringer. Other secure message systems I correspond thru send send me an email, informing me that I have a new message.

Steven WA8Y


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    @Steven Linley I hate to hear that your in process HelpDesk experience has not met your expectations. Please let me offer our apology that that has transpired. I have expedited the process of getting your replacement SD card sent to you and updated your ticket with the replacement instructions. I will check back with you tomorrow to monitor the progress in getting your issue resolved.

  • OK, thanks Tim.

    Steven WA8Y

  • Tim,

    I received the SD card via over night mail this morning. There were no instructions but it only took me about 20 minutes the new SD card and power ON the 6600 (everything A OK). I started making Profiles; first I made a Global profile and several TX Profiles (RF-Kit CW, RF-Kit Digi, and RF-Kit SSB).

    I set up each band for CW, Digi, and SSB. I saved the Profiles after each change. When I finished the CW profiles I save the Global profile again. When I finally finished making and saving the SSB profiles, I made a mic profile. I then saved the TX and Global profiles one more time (save after each change I wanted to keep).

    Everything is working.

    Thanks for your help, Steven WA8Y

  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited September 2020

    @Steven Linley I am glad everything is working properly again and you are very welcome, but I do need to clarify that I did provide you the instructions how to change out the SD card in your HelpDesk ticket that I updated yesterday. You must have simply overlooked them. Regardless, your issue is now resolved. 73.

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