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Dx Cluster - RBN

I like to use RBN but it seems to have some issues on SSDR for Mac 1.4.6.

Most of the time it will not connect and simply says Loading with the spinner. Eventually it goes to server error. Retries don't seem to help but every now and then it will just work.

If it does connect since it gets a lot o data it really bogs down SSDR Mac.

This is no slouch of a mac either: MacBookPro 16 i9 processor. Hardwire network.

I might suggest that RBN is a candidate for picking out duplicate posts and only adding one. In FRLogger when I get duplicates (call, freq, mode the same) I just add to the comment the new spotter.

Ya, I just got it connect and I'd say it is kind of unusable. With some 500 RBN spots, many duplicates, SSDR is slowed to a crawl.

Mark - WS7M


  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    Ya RBN is definitely flaky. I connected just fine this AM and it loaded a bunch of spots then died wanting me to "start" again but it would never load.

    Hope you can get this fixed Marcus because its my fav spot source.