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FRStack3 V3.1.20.45 Released and Exposing REST APIs to your network


Version of FRStack for Windows and FRStack Web APIs for RPi, Linux and OSX has been released.

Updates and Changes

  • SteppIR control adds AUTOTRACK, Retry logic, Multi-client bugfix
  • S-Meter data returned in UDP Meter data and Web Socket formats
  • Add Rest API Radio: TXIHIBIT
  • Update Rest API Slice: INFO adds INDEX property
  • Meter level Mute (Squelch) tooltip is dbm level
  • UDP Data add app node name set to FRStack

Download link: http://www.MKCMSoftware.com/download/FRStack3Setup.exe

Expose FRStack REST APIs to your network

1. Edit FRStack.exe.config file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\FRStack3" folder then change the following to expose REST to the network.


<add key="LocalHostOnly" value="true" /> 


<add key="LocalHostOnly" value="false" />

Now when FRStack executes it will be available to your network. You now must run FRStack as Administrator OR register the REST port with Windows.

I recommend that you add a URLACL for the PORT for any Windows User that runs FRStack.

You register the port with NETSH by running the following command in a CMD window launched as Administrator.  Note the default port for FRStack is 13522.

               netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:13522/ user=everyone delegate=yes


  • You can list registration via: netsh http show urlacl
  • You can delete this registration via: netsh http delete urlacl url=http://+:13522/

Note: When version was initially uploaded to download site the config file LocalHostOnly value was set to false. When you executed FRStack you would get a warning about not being able to register the REST interface. You can address this by re-downloading and installing FRStack or editing the config file to set the LocalHostOnly value to true.

What is "FRStack Web APIs"?

This version of FRStack provides REST APIs for RADIO, SLICE, UDP, PGXL AMP, SPE AMP, SteppIR Control for the Raspberry PI (ARM32) , Linux (x64) and OSX (x64) platforms.


73, Mark W3II



  • Kor
    Kor Member
    [{"insert":"Hi Mark,\nAre there any thoughts on touching Maestro Menu based properties?\nE.g. Audio / Main Audio Out, a toggle between Maestro / Radio audio out?\nKeep up the excellent work !\nbest 73, Kor - PA0KDV.\npa0kdv@a63.org\n\n\n"}]
  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Mark has also done an excellent job in porting FRStack to run on a Raspberry Pi running latest Raspberry OS.

    Good stuff!

    Dave wo2x

  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Member ✭✭


    FRStack is crazy useful! Thx for an excellent product.

    When I keyboard hotkey to INCREMENT CW SPEED or DECREASE CW SPEED from FRStack the rig steps in increments of +/- 5WPM. Am I setting something up wrong? This makes to feature useless (well,,,,, to me anyhow....). It this a limitation of the FlexRadio or is there a way to have FRStack move the CW WPM speed in +/- 1WPM increments?

    Thanks again!


  • N5NHJ
    N5NHJ Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Mark,

    What is the difference between the REST radio commands CWSPEED and CWXSPEED, I do not see any.


  • Mark_W3II
    Mark_W3II Member ✭✭✭

    The CWSPEED adjust the current CW mode Speed for the Iambic Keyer. The CWXSPEED adjusts the speed of the SmartSDR CWX feature.

    The CWSPEED param can be UP / DOWN that adjusts speed +/- 5 or param can be +1, -1, +2, -2,

  • Mark_W3II
    Mark_W3II Member ✭✭✭

    FRStack3 V3.1.24.50 Released

    This release includes a new UI feature called Auto Shrink.

    You can access this feature via the View menu. When selected it will shrink the UI when FRStack is not the active Windows application.

    Happy New Year

  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Member ✭✭


    >The CWSPEED param can be UP / DOWN that adjusts speed +/- 5 or param can be +1, -1, +2, -2,

    Thanks for the SW update. I can't discover how to adjust the increments from +/-5 WPM to +/- 1 WPM. I did a few searches on the help file, but still don't understand how to make the change.

    Can anyone guide me through the process?



  • Mark_W3II
    Mark_W3II Member ✭✭✭

    try ending the URL with this for up 1: Radio/cwspeed?param=+1

    try ending the URL with this for down 1: Radio/cwspeed?param=-1

  • Chris
    Chris Member
    Hi Mark,

    Recently acquired a StreamDeck and have been going to town on FRStack shortcuts.

    One small thing i noticed i was looking for and either i missed it, or doesn't seem possible.

    Under http://localhost:13522/api/ActiveSlice/freq

    Can see from the docs the options are up/down by STEP, or +1, etc are by frequency.

    Any possibility we can do something like ++1 where ++ is up by a fixed amount (which might not be current STEP) ? Not forgetting Down, too :)

    Wanted to program quick up/down 5khz buttons, and couldn't see an (easy) way.

    Thanks for the great work on FrStack3, it's very much appreciated (even more with a StreamDeck) :)


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