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Bug with diversity? i think

On the mac os version when you go to diversity mode there is no way to control the AGT or the volume for the second slice, it just flashes when you click on it but only will ever show the settings for the first slice


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    Marcus has informed me that the AGC settings in diversity mode will be changed and he will look into the volume setting.

  • John Orjias
    John Orjias Member ✭✭

    awesome thanks. Do you have a place to report bugs officially or a thread or something. i found a few other small things

  • John Orjias
    John Orjias Member ✭✭

    also is there a plan to provide mouse support for setting the filter widths like there is in the windows version. being able to just drag them is pretty nice

  • K3DCW
    K3DCW Member ✭✭


    To report bugs, use the tool in the Preferences menu of Smart SDR for Mac. It creates an email that you can send directly to Marcus with information about your setup and room for you to state your problem. He is VERY responsive.

  • John Orjias
    John Orjias Member ✭✭

    awesome thanks, and yes he for sure is, for example the diversity issue has already been resolved. IMPRESSIVE!

  • W1XYZ
    W1XYZ Member ✭✭
    I am very interested in the diversity mode and operation like that seen in Thetis. In that SW you can vary phase and gain of two signals and steer a sharp null in the direction of a noise or unwanted signal source, which is great. I would think we could have that with a future version of SmartSDR for OSX and thank Marcus for his great work to date. Please look at Thetis! de W!XYZ
  • John Orjias
    John Orjias Member ✭✭

    agreed! Marcus please look at this, I know flexradio said it's not anywhere in the plans for the windows version. In the mean time the MFJ1026 does a great job. but you can't control that remotely