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DEXP Idea When Using Smart SDR Software on PC/Mac

I just bought a Yeti X (Their newest mic) to use with the Smart SDR software on my Mac. BTW this works on the PC version too. What’s nice about only this Yeti mic is that it works with the Blue Voice software from Logitech and offers controls to tailor the way your voice sounds on transmit. The best part of this software is they offer an expander/gate and noise reduction feature to mimic the DEXP button that doesn’t work on the Smart SDR software when used on a computer. The DEXP button only works on a non-USB mic connected directly to the radio. For those not familiar with the DEXP, it silences that background roar on your transmitted voice when you're not speaking. So basically it's a gate when you stop speaking. Once again to be very clear The Blue Voce software that connects through the Logitech GHub only works on the latest Yeti, the Yeti X. If you buy any other Yeti the software won't work.


 See the screen shot. I highly recommend this mic.