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Antenna Genius

I'm considering buying an Antenna Genius. I really don't want to run all the cables into the house. I would like to install it outside Either on the tower or on the outside of the house. Is anyone doing this with theirs? If so do you have any issue with cold or hot weather? What box did you mount it in? I would love to see pictures if you have any of your installation.


Brent N9BC


  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    W6AER has a web page which shows his installation along with some tips for surge suppression.

    I have one here but it is mounted inside my house in the garage.

    Dave wo2x

  • KI4P
    KI4P Member ✭✭

    thanks for sharing, that is a great pictorial description!

  • KB7FD
    KB7FD Member
    We live in rural Oregon with limited sources for ham goodies, so I bought a turn-key enclosure for the AG, surge suppression, and remote tuner controller from www.kf7p.com. It's a NEMA weatherproof box complete with cable penetrations, conduit & fittings, and reasonable installation instructions. Everything I've needed has been in the kit. W6AER's implementation looks stellar if you can source the parts.

    BTW, Flex tech support strongly encouraged RF chokes on the AG, particularly on the Ethernet cable. k7fp.com sells choke kits, also.

    The AG is well-integrated with my Flex 6700. Elecraft K3s not so much, so I'd do some research to ensure your 2nd radio plays nicely with the AG.
  • W7QEX
    W7QEX Member ✭✭
    I'm trying to decide if AG will accomplish what I need before I spring. I have a tower top relay system that minimizes the number of long cable runs back to the shack. It also switches in and out LNAs for the UHF LP antennas. What I'm trying to find out is if AG can provide sequencing so the LNAs can be switched out before TX. Anybody know?
    Also, are both antenna ports active...the AG 8x2 manual (v2.0.2) is a little weak. Is this the latest manual?
  • W7QEX
    W7QEX Member ✭✭
  • W7QEX
    W7QEX Member ✭✭
    Brent: My system will allow me to choose between vertical or horizontal LPs (50 MHz - 1.9GHz) remotely and also connect either HF LP or Wire antennas. I bring both vertical and horizontal polarizations down for diversity receive. The Flex may have diversity Rx capability, not sure, but the ICOM 7610 definitely does.
    Similar to you, because of the long cable runs, I must use LNAs for UHF Freqs. I can get by with 3 cables with this arrangement. However, I must bypass the LNAs during TX. A sequencer is used to activate relays prior to Tx...and there are many schemes out there to accomplish this task. But I am also interested in using the AG for other reasons at 50MHz and below. So I thought I could **** two birds with a single stone. Trying to get enough info...tough.
    To answer your questions...I have been using K7FP's equipment (check on line). He makes several outdoor cabinet sizes that can be modified for unique needs. High quality stuff! I am using his mid-size box which is modified so it can be mast mounted (2" mast). He liked my idea I guess and you can now purchase that mod with the box. My box has further been modified to provide thermostatic cooling.
    Internal to the box there will be Dowkey latching relays, LNAs, and Ethernet controllers for the whole mess. The box is this winter's project and will go into service come Spring. I plan to write an article for QST/QEX when finished so others might collaborate. But I will be glad to send Pics as the project progresses.
    Not sure how long your cable runs are, but mine are about 250'. So if you use low loss coax it can get quite expensive and it's suddenly practical to build contraptions like mine. My theory is...use good quality low loss cable with "N" connectors and it will last forever.
    Hope this helps.
  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Both input ports are active at the same time.

    I would suggest going to www.4O3A.com and join the forum and post the question about sequncing there. Their staff monitor those forums.

    Dave wo2x

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