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Remote WSJT-X: how to log QSO via SmartLink or VPN into MacLoggerDX at home

My first post :) I am thinking of moving from RemoteRig to Flex. If I use a remote PC at the radio site running WSJT-X (with AnyDesk), and then click Log QSO, how can I link that back to MacLoggerDX running at home? I currently use RemoteRig with WSJT-X running locally, then JTBridge to MLDX to log QSO's from WSJT-X into MLDX.
Graham VK3GA


  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    If you're running a Mac on both ends, you can set the MLDX logger file up so it's on iCloud. If you're on a PC remotely, copying then importing the WSJT-X adif log file is a cumbersome, but effective way to go.

    With the new SSSDR for Mac and iOS, you can share a log file, As long as you're just using FT8 and FT4 it is automatic. You can, of course add SSB and CW contacts manually.

    At my place, I run no computer at the radio since the Flex is a capable server. All operating (phone, cw, digital) happens on the remote PC, where MLDX is running and logging directly from WSJT-X, also running locally. No sync required (except that I do keep the log ion iCloud for safety).

  • Graham999au
    Graham999au Member ✭✭
    George, thanks for your reply. I'm a little confused. You said you have no PC at the radio, but then said you do all your operating on the remote PC? Assuming you mean you operate from the computer at home locally, I'd be interested in your latency numbers. At my remote site my latency is around 37ms, and at home 13ms. Both sites have plenty of bandwidth. This works fine using RemoteRig, but I've heard Flex/SmartLink has higher inherent latency. I'm hoping with these numbers that FT8 will work ok.
  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    Sorry! I bandied "remote" around too much. There is no computer wired up to the Flex. Any operating happens on my Mac desktop, laptop, or iPad remotely. Not even a microphone, key, or speaker attached to the Flex. Just power, antenna, GPS, LAN, and remote-on relay.

    At home, I am reading 8 ms latency. You should be fine with your numbers. I do notice that reducing the panadapter size, refresh rate, and speed, plus increasing averaging, does help when bandwidth gets tighter.

    I've worked remote CW, SSB, and digital from the next room to on airplanes. Works great (well, some airliner wifi connections are not up to ****, but when they are, it's good).

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