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CW Skimmer with Slicemaster fail (repost from Groups.io)

KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

I have been using CW Skimmer with Slicemaster for several months, and now it suddenly won't work. I get an error:

Access violation at address 00618031 in module 'CwSkimmer_Slice-A.exe'. Write of address 00000000.

If I click OK, the task bar shows CW Skimmer, but nothing happens. I have been getting the access violation all along, but after hitting OK, Skimmer would come up and work fine. Now - nothing... I don't know of anything changing. If I bring up CW Skimmer by itself, I don't get an error, but I also don't get a connection between the Flex and Skimmer. I do get decoding, but there is no correlation to where I am tuned in SmartSDR.

My setup:

Flex 6400 3.1.12, SmartSDR, no Maestro

CW Skimmer 2.1

SliceMaster 0.10.7c

Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit

Dell laptop model N5110 Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40 GHz with 8 GB RAM

I have tried closing everything else (DDUtil, N3FJP logger).

I have turned the panadapter FPS down to 5 and the waterfall rate down to 2.

I have closed my 'MiniMaestro' (homebrew Arduino based buttons and knobs, LAN connected).

I have done numerous re-boots.

I uninstalled CW Skimmer and re-installed.

So far none of this has helped. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas on what to try next?

Thanks & 73,

Len, KD0RC


Best Answer


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Tim, No I haven't, but that will be my next stop. Thanks for the suggestion.



  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Don, K1DBO, was very responsive to my request for help.

    He asked me to delete the folder with the configuration data in it to perform a "factory reset", forcing SliceMaster to recreate the config files.

    C:\Users\<your name here>\AppData\K1DBO <== Delete this folder

    I deleted it, and all is well again! Note that any configuration that you do will be lost in this operation. For me, that was no problem at all.


    Len, KD0RC

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