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I have an Idea. How do I post it to the Community?

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited October 2020 in Message Board

We love new ideas. No matter how "out of the box" they may be. Well, within reason, of course, like we can't add warp drive the a FLEX-6700 ;-)

We do want to hear what you think and what features you would like to see in our hardware and software products. To do this is really easy, but a little different than how it was done in the previous community.

When creating a new Idea, click on the New Idea blue button on the right hand side of the your browser on the Discussion page.

We have a dedicated category, New Ideas so all ideas are in one place so they are easy to find and comment on too. So when creating a new Idea post, the only category option you will have is the New Ideas category. If you have selected a category that is not New Ideas, you will not have the New Idea button because new ideas can only be created in the New Ideas category.

Just create a new idea topic describing your idea and let the fun begin. People will comment on it and vote on it by using the "like" and "dislike" feedback as well.

Please note that the Ideas are exclusively for making suggestions related to FlexRadio's SDRs and software. So we ask you to limit your ideas to those items only. All other types of posts should be discussions or questions (Q&A). Thanks!