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API Command Extractor

bobby Member ✭✭
edited February 2020 in SmartSDR API
Are you looking for a list of commands from the API files extracted into the API directory? If so then here is a link to my 52k program which will when you follow the info below after downloading the file make it happen quickly less than 20 seconds. Written in PowerBasic Command Line Compiler version 6.04.

The link below is to the project folder containing the instructions, source files and compiled file. You may download what you need or desire but minimum to use is the readme.txt file and the listapi.exe file and you must create a folder to use it in win 10 since you cant run it from the desktop no other files are required everything is compiled into the executable. No Bloatware!

Llink is here:

Instructions here:

Program Instructions for API decoding

In the folder you create or place this program do the following.

1. Copy the extracted Flex API to decode to the directory API or extract it there from
the flex provided API zip file.

2. Create an empty APIReports directory

3. Run the program and use.

4. All result files created will be placed in the APIReports directory with the same
name as the original API file but with the extension .api. These files are all
text files and may be viewed with any text editor.

Enjoy your flex, it will work for any version of the API as long as you follow the instructions so it does not matter version 2, version 3, old style or new.


  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2020
    Could the WiKi be updated based on the output of this program?  Who has access to such an update?


    Or, why is the WiKi not up to date with the API commands? 

  • bobby
    bobby Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    Clarification of program instructions:

    Extract the Flex API.zip file

    Copy all the files in the extracted FlexLib folder to a folder named API which you created as a sub folder in the folder where you put the ListApi.exe file then create another sub folder there named APIReports.

    Then run the program which will fill the subfolder APIReports with the resulting command text files.

    You can do this for any version of the API to compare the command additions or changes for those versions which you have the Flex Api for.

  • bobby
    bobby Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    Flex does not maintain the wiki files and apparently no one actively updates them.
  • mlstutler
    mlstutler Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020

    I like the idea of what you are doing.  I tried extracting your files and my virus program was not happy about it at all.   In the past I just turn it off and load it.  However in this case I am hesitant.  If I wanted to put malware out on the group this is a perfect way.   I am not accusing you of any mal intent however since you don't provide a call sign or anything to assure me I will not load this program. Have you given any thought to assuring that your executable is malware free?

  • bobby
    bobby Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    If you do not want to use it ,it is your choice. The link provided goes to the project from where all the source files are listed along with the compiled file. It will also work from a usb flash drive following the same instructions. The program reads the folder where it resides and looks for the .cs files in the API sub folder then creates the results in another sub folder named APIReports. Im sure if you wanted to you could spend the $75 and purchase the PBCC6 compiler from Powerbasic and compile the source files yourself if you like.

    I myself just last night on my hard drive created a folder for every different api version I have downloaded from v2.1.9 up through 3.1.8 placed the respective files there then ran the program in each directory and now can compare all the differences in commands provided by the different API's.

    Like I said I provided the source files in basic I used to compile them. I understand the hesitancy because a similiar program in ms language would take up tons of disk space and size. The compiler I use creates native machine language and if you know anything about Powerbasic compilers they run much faster than C or C++ or C# compiled programs by far.

    A callsign provides no assurance in this regard regarding the program. It is unrelated. My just saying it is not malware is not going to assure you, since you already made up your mind.

    When I first ran it I was not connected to the internet and the Smart whatever it is from Win 10 I had to say run anyway and it worked fine. If you have an old computer this program does not care it will run on any version of windows from win 2000 up through win 10 so it offers many options to use it on old laptops that you have laying around that you do not use anymore.

    Anyway its there to use if you want, I use it and it works for what I want so I shared it. Its free so do with it as you choose it works well for me.

  • bobby
    bobby Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    I just tried downloading the .bas files on my work computer and it does just as you say it says these type of files may harm your computer, you have to manually choose to keep them then you can open the .bas source files with a text editor to view them. 

    The Listapi.bas when opened with a text editor shows this:

    #DIM ALL
    'Support Files
    #INCLUDE "win32api.inc"
    #INCLUDE "ws2ipdef.inc"
    GLOBAL DONOTSHOW AS LONG:       'Do Not Show Flag
    GLOBAL UK AS STRING:   'User Selection
    GLOBAL UKEY AS STRING: 'User1 Selection
    GLOBAL UK2 AS STRING:  'User2 Selecction
    GLOBAL KS AS LONG:     'Value of Selection
    GLOBAL KS2 AS LONG:    'Value of Selection2
    GLOBAL MPVS AS LONG:   'Mouse Vert Active Start
    GLOBAL MPVE AS LONG:   'Mouse Vert Active End
    GLOBAL MPHS AS LONG:   'Mouse Horiz Active Start
    GLOBAL MPHE AS LONG:   'Mouse Horiz Active End
    GLOBAL MPV AS LONG:    'Mouse Vert Position
    GLOBAL MPH AS LONG:    'Mouse Horiz Position
    '#INCLUDE "FSupport.bas"
    'Main Code
        #INCLUDE "Window80x25TextSize.bas"
        #INCLUDE "APIMenuTemplate.bas"
    'Menu Selection Handling
        UK = UCASE$(UK)
        KS = ASC(UK)
    'Handle Menu Dispatcher Selections
        #INCLUDE "APIMenu1Code.bas"
    'Process Completion
    EP: 'End Program Label
    'Custom Function Routines
    '#INCLUDE "FGrButton.bas"

    They are source files. There is nothing I can do about what today's world has turned into due to malware I come originally from a DOS World where a word processor was 64k in size instead of 120 mb or more.

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