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Software for Behringer CMD micro midi Controller

I have a Behringer CMD micro midi Controller I would like to use with my Flex 6400 SDR. Can someone direct me to a site to download software to use with the the controller


  • Neal Pollack, N6YFMNeal Pollack, N6YFM Member ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Do you have a dropbox or some place I can upload to?
    I have not tried this yet, but I did obtain software from this forum a while ago
    when I was thinking of getting the CMD PL1 Midi Controller.   The software
    name is CMDPL1Flex6k_v0_3.exe
    It does seem to include source code in the folder.

    Not sure if that helps?

    N6YFM  (info good on QRZ.com)
    edited January 12
    Neal....Thanks so much for your help. The CMDPL1 Controller and the CMD Micro midi Controller are not compatible. Thanks anyway and I'll keep searching....Bob  K9LWA
  • Bob- W5TXBob- W5TX Member ✭✭
    edited January 13
    I thought you had gotten the CMD Micro working after I did not hear from you again.  Mine works FB on 6600M and PC Win 10.  Need your email so I can forward to you.
    Bob [email protected]
    edited January 13
    Hello Bob....I was about ready to call you on  the landline. Good to hear from you. Yes with your help I got the software working about 2 years ago and then recently lost it when I got a new win10 computer.
      Sure would appreciate your help again. My Email address is:  [email protected]
      Hope you wouldn't mind another landline call if I have any problems getting it to work. Back when I had a 6300  loaded software and had it working in 15 minutes. Lol.
     Can you send the files unzipped?
      Thanks so much for your help AGAIN.
      73,  Bob  K9LWA  765-935-3966
  • Paul - GI4FZDPaul - GI4FZD Member ✭✭
    edited January 23
    I have my cmd micro working with Smartsdr IOS but when I run the program on my win10 machine it finds the radio and connects but i get no cmd micro display or it does not control the Flex. Do I need to set anything up in Smartsdr itself to get this working. I can see the cmd micro in device manager as a sound device, is that correct?

  • Bob- W5TXBob- W5TX Member ✭✭
    edited January 23
    this is probably a usb issue of some sort.  I think from my win 10 experience there are some apparent USB port issues.  At any rate the cmdmicro should appear in the USB port portion of device manager.
  • 7nql7nql Member
    edited January 29
    I've been following this thread and similar ones (https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/behringer-cmd-micro-dj-midi-controller-for-use-with...) is the other.

    I've finally managed to buy a secondhand Behringer CMD micro to go with my F6700 (v3.18). I use Windows 10 on a tiny Dell Optiplex PC.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the CmdMicro flex software to recognise my Flexradio, there is no radio to connect to. Smart SDR is running. The software seems to recognise that the controller is connected.

    I'm using the code found here:

    written by Paul AA6Z

    Any ideas ?
  • Paul BurtonPaul Burton Member ✭✭
    edited January 30

    I am the author of this incarnation of the Flex CMD Micro controller.  It was originally written using a Windows 7 machine, and it worked fine there.  I have had reports that it does not work on Windows 10, but I never had a machine to debug on.  Now I am on Windows 10, and find that it recognizes my Flex, but none of the controls work.  I was not aware that anyone was still interested in the CMD Micro as it is no longer sold.  The software will likely not work on other MIDI controllers as the commands are unique.  I need to find the time to revisit the design and see why it doesn't work on Windows 10.  

    73, Paul AA6Z
  • 7nql7nql Member
    edited January 30
    Hi Paul,
    thanks for responding. Yes I'm aware the Behringer has been discontinues, it took me 18 months to find a 2nd user one; I don't like the point and click nature of SmartSDR, I still prefer physical buttons and dials ;-) 

    I think it's the Windows firewall feature blocking Flex CMD Micro program in W10. In the meantime I've dug out my old W7 Macbook PC (i7, 16GB, SSD) which I retired as the GPU couldn't keep up with the multiple VFO I had open. The Dell Optiplex is a 9th gen i5 (hex core) with the current Intel integrated GPU and that can run close to 70% utilisation, with CPU at 45%.

    On the Macbook PC the Flex CMD Micro program does see my radio, unfortunately it crashed with an error when I press a button.

    Fig1. CmdMicroFlexController error running on W7

    I don't mind downgrading my Dell Optiplex radio PC to W7 if it worked. 
    Paul what are you using to interface with your Flex radio? I guess you are using something else?

    It would be nice if your program can be fixed, but I realise it's your time. Perhaps it's worth finding out if it'll benefit anyone else?

  • Terry K7NYTerry K7NY Member ✭✭
    edited January 30
    I like the program, I use it everyday with windows 8.1. Great Job.
  • Paul BurtonPaul Burton Member ✭✭
    edited February 2

    I'm not sure what you're asking.  My   CMD Micro program uses FlexLib and is written using C# in Microsoft Visual Studio.  It requires SmartSDR to be running before startup.  Due to the limited number of buttons, sliders, and knobs, I felt it was impossible to support more than one Panadapter and two slices.  Also, I only have a Flex 6300 so I couldn't test a larger radio configuration than that.  One major difficulty was the tuning knob control.  If you tune too rapidly, it swamps out Windows with interrupts and the tuning hiccups badly.  Fortunately, I found that you can put your finger on the metal plate of the tuning knob and I could see that and tune in larger steps.  This allows more rapid excursions with the tuning knob.   The selection of functions I built in were to my preference and may not suit everyone.  Also, there are unused buttons in the current design. 

    The issues with Windows 10 are not related to Windows Firewall blocking.   

    As I have since moved to a new computer and Windows 10, and Microsoft Visual Studio has been upgraded, I would almost need to start over to get this program running on Windows 10 and to make enhancements. Also I haven't done much program development in a couple of years, so there will be a  learning curve.  I may choose to do that in the near future if i find the time.  Also, I could easily modify it for more current MIDI controllers, but I would have to go out and buy one for testing.  I'm not sure of the best candidate Midi controller for this.  For me the most difficult part of this is deciding what to do with all the buttons, sliders, and knobs, to enhance the user's operation.  Everyone will have a different opinion.

  • 7nql7nql Member
    edited February 15
    That's fair enough. I'm sure you'll let us know if you decide to pick it up again.

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