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Antenna Genius Software Problem

Jay Woods
Jay Woods Member
edited November 2019 in FLEX-6000 Signature Series
Antenna Genius I have an Antenna Genius 8-1 I am trying to setup the software and having no luck. I upgraded the firmware to 3.1.2 and that was successful. I downloaded the windows AP dated 9-17-2019. When I first opened up The AG Launch window I clicked on the + sign in the lower left hand corner to connect the AG Windows App to my AG. A add a new device came up but it didn't have the search button. so I saved it without putting an IP address in so I selected the the device and hit connect and it gave me a windows app with no line in it and I couldn't change anything. I uninstalled the software and reset the AG device with the dip switch 8. and reinstalled the software and tried to reload it. I couldn't get the Registred devices window all I got was a window showing Antenna Genius with its IP Address and having two tabs associated with it . The Lan and Remote tab I tried to edit the device and it would let me only edit a few things. I still don't have the antenna genius working any suggestions on what I can do to fix the problem.b.


  • Dragisa Boca
    Dragisa Boca Member
    edited November 2019
    Dear Jay,

    The way AG app works was changed in the recent versions compared to the older ones I think you may have used.

    The Local Devices window is used if your AG is on your local network.
    A discovery protocol is automatically used and your AG will appear there.

    The Remote Devices window is used if your AG is on a remote network.
    You can add your local AG to the remote window but it's not necessary.

    You say the next window didn't have any lines in it.
    Is this when you connect to the AG?
    If so, in the latest version AG will hide all unused antennas on the current band so that's ok.
    It's a feature added to save space.
    As you add antennas they will appear if the proper band is selected or they will always be there in case "None" band is selected.

    On the title there is a small configuration icon, click it and select "Configure device" to access the configuration menu.
    That's where you set your antennas, IP and other parameters:

    Using the same configuration icon you can select the "Configure FlexRadio(s)" menu to add your FlexRadio so AG can get band data from it.

    Finally the DIP switch positions were changed.
    In the latest version:

    DIP8 is used to wipe the configuration.

    is used to wipe IP configuration and set the address to and force it into bootloader so you can always reinstall firmware if it breaks.

    If you want to use a static IP address for your AG you simply go to the configuration window, deselect "DHCP" and enter the address you want.

    Does this answer your questions?

    Best 73 de
    Dragisa 4O9ITT

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