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USB Cable - BCD - Custom Band Assign

KM0T Member ✭✭
edited April 2019 in New Ideas
Hi all,

So I just got around to planning to implement and testing USB connections for the BIT cables and BCD, etc.

Tested some 8 channel relay boards connected them up to USB on the 6600, works good bit mode. Worked good for single band selected output as well as PTT mode. Pretty cool. Then got some 10 line cables from Mouser and tested on BCD.

All good here on that, but being a VHF+ guy, I don’t have my previously built control boards starting at 001 for 6M, they start at 900 MHz.  The BCD relays I have are 3 bit as I don’t need that many combinations.

So, I see there are three selections for the BCD cables. Essentially HF, VHF and combination HF and VHF. I wonder how hard it is to have a 4th selection, one that is customizable... call it “Custom BCD”

All it would be is to have the bits 0 thru 4 start out as 00001, to 11111, but the band selections are just drop downs and you select what band you want for each particular BCD combination, in lieu of the band selections being “hardwired” so to speak to a particular BCD output.

So for me, I would select bands from bit 2,1,0 as
902 – 001
1296 – 010
2304 – 011
3456 – 100
5760 – 101
10368 – 110
24192 – 111
(ignoring bits 4 and 5)
I would like 000 as well, as I have my BCD relays set to a 50 Ohm load at that position... Not sure why 000 is not part of the BCD chart as they are, perhaps just a power off condition.

Not sure how useful this is to many, I have a vested interest as it will keep me from rewiring all my controllers.

If this was implemented first, then three separate menus perhaps would not have been needed? Also, if needed, one could select the same band for more than one BCD output for additional controls. Just wondering,

Eric what are your thoughts? 73 Mike – KM0T

Update below - 4-8-19
Just a heads up, the statement I originally made "select the same band for more than one BCD output" doesn't work, not sure what I was thinking...Each BCD address can only have one unique band assigned to it.  Would sure like to see some traction on this, but with V3 and related discussion, this might be just below the noise level :)

73 de KM0T


  • Eric-KE5DTO
    Eric-KE5DTO Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited May 2019
    Mike -- I entered this as #7417 for consideration.  Thanks for the input.

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