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Lack of Diversity setting persistence on 40m

WC6Y Member ✭✭
edited April 2020 in Maestro
Hi, I'm a new Flex user and have a 6600 and Maestro hardwired together. Antenna A is a myAntennas HF8010 and Antenna B is a Cushcraft R7. I have set up diversity reception for 80, 40, 30 and 20 meters. I can switch back and forth between any combination of 80, 30 & 20 and all the settings are remembered/persist. However when in 40m with diversity set, if I switch to 80, 30, or 20 and then back the 40, it goes back to Rcv on A (transmit is on A) and forgets that it was previously set for diversity. Anyone else observe this? Or am I overlooking something?



  • Mack
    Mack Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019
    Read about transmit profiles in the manual. You need to save a transmit profile. 73, Mack W4AX Alpha Team
  • WC6Y
    WC6Y Member ✭✭
    edited April 2020
    Thank you for your response. I re-read the manual sections on profiles. I am using the SO2RDefault Global Profile and three TX Profiles: 80M CW, 20M - 40M CW and 10M - 17M CW which are basically the same, but 10M - 17M CW has 8db gain added. All are set for CW 400 NB NR APF QSK AGC-M DIV. The MIC profile associated w SO2RDefault is Default.

    This is my default operating configuration, one Panafall, one Slice. Sometimes I'll turn on SL B to work a DX station split, but then I'll put it back to default.

    The Maestro manual section 14.7 implies that Persistence and Profiles are independent, although I can imagine that there might be some undocumented Persistence dependence upon the state or configuration of one's profiles, so I double-checked mine.

    I move back and forth between 80, 40, 30 & 20 and have the SO2RDefault : 20M-40M CW : Default Mic profiles engaged. Here's is what I observe happens WRT persistence in order of frequency:

    1) DIV is turned off after moving to a new band
    2) If DIV is not turned off, often Tab A is panned R (so both Tab A and Tab A Div on on the R ear)
    3) DIV off as well as NB, NR, APF all off, but the sliders for NB, NR & APF are remembered
    4) SL B is activated and comes up on 14.150 USB 2.7k, this happens on any SL A band
    5) SL B appears 14.150 USB 2.7k in a second Panafall

    I've also noted that my RX equalizations have been zeroed, although I don't know when.
    All the dial-associated settings seem to persist (e.g. AGC-T, filter mode & settings, everything on the TX menu.)

    BTW, I had a separate thread on the ATU / QSK conflict and I am favoring using the ATU in preference to QSK. However I am note that the QSK does not always vanish, sometimes I can have both.

    This is just an annoyance for me, half a dozen button pushes after band switching and I'm back in business. I'm not a contester. More importantly, I'd like to know if others observe this same behavior or whether there is something wrong with my brand new Maestro / 6600 or my configuration of them?

    On this last point, I have also heard Radio-originated popping in the headphones periodically and have assumed that was a software implementation artifact to be ignored. Do others hear these?

    Configuration-wise my 6600, Maestro & Macbook Pro all have short EN cables to a gigabit switch which has a 30' EN cable to the router. I am on the second floor. A 1ft #10 copper ground wire connects the power supply to the 6600 and a 15ft #10 copper ground wire to the mast of my vertical which has a 12ft ¾" strap to earth ground. Not ideal. I will be installing  common mode chokes on all lines this weekend. Currently only ANT1, the HWEF-8010, has a CM choke which dropped the noise floor 4db.

    Thanks in advance for insights,
    Ken WC6Y
  • WC6Y
    WC6Y Member ✭✭
    edited April 2020
    Maybe I'm doing something really boneheaded. I just changed bands to 20m to have 14.150 USB pop up w everything off and went to Menu/Profiles/40m-20m CW Load - no change. Set everything back to my defaults, went to Menu/Profiles/40m-20m CW Save. Change to 30m & back to 20m - fine. Change to 30m again, back to 20m. SL A is fine, SL B appears also on 14.150 USB 2.7. Go to Menu/Profiles/40m-20m CW Load - again, no change. Appears either I'm not understanding how to use profiles, or they're not working the way they should.
  • Johan _ SE3X
    Johan _ SE3X Member ✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Ken, take a look at You Tube if not done that yet. Many very instructive videos about Flexradio. Just search for Flexradio and you get a ton of suggestions. This one is not to bad about Profiles specifically:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s7UbKiqxAA

    On Flexradio.com and Learning center you will find videos as well. I find a video much easier to follow than reading manuals ;)  The combination reading the manual and watching a few videos is almost unbeatble.  Link to Flex videos: https://www.flexradio.com/videos-flex-6000/ 

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