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micro pc

Anybody using one of those Micro PC's with your flex. If so what are you using for one.


  • Jim GilliamJim Gilliam Member
    edited December 2018

    I am using a Hystou computer that consumes only 12 Watts I leave on 24/7. Has 256 GB SDD I7 processor. It is my remote site in Big Bear Lake Ca. Also can remote it on/off if I get a power glitch or something. Works as well and the big ones.

    Jim, K6QE
  • Ted  VE3TRQTed VE3TRQ Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    I don't know that you'd call it "micro", but I use an Intel NUC, i7 machine with one stick of memory and a laptop drive. Runs on the shack power supply, takes very little power and provides as many USB ports as I need, plus two monitor outputs and decent audio. Network is both WiFi and Gb Ethernet. About 1 1/2 inches high, 4 inches square.

    Comes with no O/S, no memory, no disk - add/buy your own. I run Linux on it, but most versions of Windows will run on it.

  • Jim GilliamJim Gilliam Member
    edited December 2018

    Also want to add to my above comment. I am a freaked-out fan of WintoUSB. I load my home computer on a USB thumb drive and plug this into my Hystou. When ever there is in update, I just update my thumb drive and plug it back into the Hystou.
  • edited December 2018
    I don't use one full time but I have this little "stick" PC hooked up to a TV HDMI port and it runs my Flex 6400 great. ( I am a rag chewer not a contester.) I put another memory stick in one of the USB ports so there is space for Windows update to run. I tried one with 2Gb RAM and that was not enough, 4Gb minimum.

  • edited December 2018
    I have two Hystou computers, both running Windows 7. One is an I5 with 16Gb Ram and a 128 SSD, the other is an I3 with *gb Ram and a 128SSD. The I% has 2 RS232 ports which I wanted to control my 1KFA linear. I have had them both for 3 years and they have performed extremely well. As Jim say, 12 watts power consumption and they hardly ever get warm. 

    For the I5, I have another SSD with an install of Windows 10, again it performs well. 

    If I were to buy again, I'd go for 4Gb of memory and buy the RAM from Ebay - much cheaper. Hystou will offer to pre-install Win7 or 10 but my experience was that I had to re-install Windows as their version is flaky to say the least.

    Apart from power consumption, the other thing about them is that they are completely silent and take up a tiny amount of desk space. They are very solid, the cases are machined aluminium and easily take the weight of my 27" monitor.

    Incidentally I bought after reading about them in a post on here, can't remember who it was but there was quite a long thread about them. Not sure if they still do it, but DHL shipping was included in the price and I didn't have any taxes to pay.

    Buy one, I'm sure you won't regret it, they have a 3 year warranty.

  • VK7WH WinstonVK7WH Winston Member ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I have also been using a Hystou fanless computer (i5, 16gb memory, 240gb ssd, win 7) for several years at my remote site. I’m very happy with it. Great performance, low power consumption, runs cool and, importantly for me, it runs off 12 volts DC. Winston
  • Steve K9ZWSteve K9ZW Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I’ve run a 6700 with a NUC USB PC and a fan less micro HP PC. Works great. 73 Steve K9ZW
  • W8TZ RossW8TZ Ross Member ✭✭
    edited June 24
    I am using a HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Desktop Mini, 8 gb memory , 256 gb ssd, i5-7500. I originally was going to buy a NUC but had trouble finding one configured exactly the way  I wanted. The HP works great and runs all my shack software plus I have tech support from HP if I need it.
  • Steve K9ZWSteve K9ZW Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Here is my info post on the unit I ended up with: https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/island-qth-flex-6300-station-new-pc/ The 6300 has been changed for a 6700 since. 73 Steve K9ZW
  • WimWim Member ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    don't forget you can download and use Windows 10 for free, you don't need to activate it
    and it stays functional and will update. So you can get a machine without windows and install it yourself

  • Charlie_KB8CRCharlie_KB8CR Member ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I bought an used Lenovo "Tiny" i5 with 4GB RAM and a 320GB HD. (Replacing that with SSD). Works very well with the Flex 6400. You can find lots of them on eBay.

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