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Bhi Dual in- Line Noise Eliminating Module

edited December 2019 in FLEX-6000 Signature Series
A time ago, One of my post asked about Bhi noise reduction equipment working with FlexRadios 6XXX series. At that time, not much experience seemed to be have around this community.

bought mine almost 2-3 years ago, a Bhi  Dual in-Line  Noise Eliminating Module, at the beginning looked to be an excellent acquisition, two individual channels, could be set mono or separate ( great for flex bi-aural), independent output for speakers and headphones, DSP can be use or not and it has 8 different position.

After All those years
It worth? with a flex 6300 or 6600.......the answer is definitely: NO!

After a lot of hours, Dxing, Contesting, Emergency Network transmissions, decided to turn it off and unplugging it......the great FlexRadio audio came back again (was concern about my new 6600)....Now, not funny and mystery voice fading, I was looking for a time to open a Ticked at Flex site. Guess, I had not use my 6600 without that piece of "Bhi", so begun to enjoy  my 10 months old 6600 since yesterday :) 

Just wanted to share my general experience with Bhi, just in case someone of you were looking to buy this product for your Flex

Marry X-mas and Happy New Year for all you !!

George, YV5WZ  /  PY3ZZZ



  • edited December 2019
    Thanks for this post. I have wondered how this very expensive unit worked with the Flex.
  • YV5WZYV5WZ Member
    edited December 2018
    Thanks to you Craig for reading and letting me know

    Merry X-mas!!!

  • Ted  VE3TRQTed VE3TRQ Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    I, too, have one of these. My opinion differs somewhat. I originally bought the BHI unit for my K3, and with it's 2-channel capability found that it would support the binaural DSP capability built in to the K3 audio chain quite nicely. (Using the slight phase difference between left an right ear for a pseudo-stereo effect made listening less fatiguing.) Background noise was significantly reduced when using the BHI unit. Now that I also have a 6600 with a WNB that works quite well for my noisy environment, I figured I wouldn't need the BHI voice enhancer (which is what it really is). Well, I was wrong. I eventually put it back in-line, and find the background noise on phone is significantly reduced, and makes listening for long periods of time much less fatiguing on the Flex. I agree that when there is QSB the voices will fade a bit more as the audio volume reduces, especially when on a high DSP setting on the BHI unit. I mitigate that with a low DSP setting, and find unless the incoming signal is really loud (S9+), intelligibility is improved with the BHI unit. I switch it in and out as needed. To each his own - for some it works, for others it does not. Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive to try and then find out it does not substantially improve things :-( In my case with lots of urban / suburban noise, it helped quite a bit. Ted VE3TRQ
  • YV5WZYV5WZ Member
    edited December 2018
    Hey Ted!!

    See your experience is different from mine, and that's what I like of sharing my experience with flexradio community.

    Sharing experience and opinions make easy for others to take decisions about buy or not, try or not certain devices, many of them expensive

    Ted Appreciate your comments and thanks for share your experience

    God Bless you and family 

    Marry X-mas!!!

    George, YV5WZ / PY3ZZZ

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