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6600M & Ham Radio Deluxe & DM780

Jean Drolet
Jean Drolet Member ✭✭
edited March 2020 in FLEX-6000 Signature Series
I sold my Flex6300 and received my 6600M. I plug everything I check the configuration, but DM780 does not start the PTT I receive but does not transmit. So no more than WSJT-X

Someone would have a solution.


  • Wayne
    Wayne Member ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Watch the you tube videos on how to setup hrd and dm380 with the flex 6000 series it shows you step by step.
  • K1DBO
    K1DBO Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Give Slice Master 6000 a try and let it configure every thing for you.  HRD Support is pretty good at this point. 

    To get DM780 going, just download Slice Master and start it up.  Then, in SSDR choose a slice set it for DIGU and select a DAX audio channel.  Make sure the DAX channel is enabled in the DAX Control Panel. 

    Then back in Slice Master, select the Launch tab for the slice you chose in SSDR.  Scroll down to find the DM780 option group and change the Launch setting to "By Mode".  Now any time you switch that slice to DIGU, DM780 will pop-up ready to go.

    If that doesnt work, Slice Master will display a status messages telling you what you missed.


  • WQ2H - Jim Poulette
    edited March 2020
    Hi Jean,

    HRD version sets up and runs through the DAX very easily - very little set up work required to get it up to speed and running. I did not however set up a separate COM port, just let HRD configure it. Just make sure your clock syncro is functional, and calibrate the sound card.

    In case you missed it - there was a good article written earlier this year in the "SmartSDR Tips & Tricks". Thanks to those that created and published it.


    73 Jim, WQ2H
  • Frank Kirschner
    edited September 2018
    They don't work for me. Either a selection I need is grayed out, or an error widget pops up.

    I'm migrating from an FTdx=5000 with a Navigator interface, so the serial ports may be messed up. I don't know enough about virtual com ports to straighten it out.
  • Frank Kirschner
    edited September 2018
    Didn't work for me. When I changed the launch setting in SliceMaster to "By Mode," the hard disk started to run, and SliceMaster locked up. No error messages.
  • I'm new to HRD, trying to make it to work with my 6600M.

    With Slicemaster running they seem to be working together but what's with the spinning blue circle when the cursor is over any part of the logbook?

    When Slicemaster is closed the spinning circle is gone but so is the radio connection.

    Is that normal?

  • K1DBO
    K1DBO Member ✭✭✭


    Let's call this "normal" but not desirable. Best I can tell is that Logbook gets a bit overwhelmed by the spot queries Slice Master makes to color the spots in SSDR panafall. Note that here I'm assuming you have enabled 'hrdlog://localhost' as a spot source in Slice Master. I also see the same problem if HRD Logbook is connected to a high volume telnet cluster... like Slice Master's aggregation server when running FT8 on multiple bands. If I had a work around, I'd share.


  • Thanks Don!

    Spent over an hour with HRD support trying to resolve this. They left me with the impression that HRD and Smart SDR will communicate without Slicemaster.


    HRD is new to me, the quirks to make it work with Flex have been frustrating.

    Been operating with DXLabs for many years with few glitches.

  • K1DBO
    K1DBO Member ✭✭✭


    HRD will certainty work without SliceMaster. But it will also work with it ;)

    There are a few different ways that Slice Master works with HRD. The most obvious is the automatic configuration and launch of DM780 on multiple slices. Next, Slice Master makes a great replacement for HRD Rig Control when using bits of HRD other than DM780. One nice feature here is that when using Slice Master to control the Flex you are not stuck with a single slice. HRD Logbook, for example will follow you to any slice you have selected for TX. You'll also find that Slice Master's rig control implementation covers many more features of the radio. Further, HRD Logbook can be configured to connect to Slice Master's cluster aggregation server to see all of the spots that Slice Masters collects from the programs it launches. And finally, Slice Master can query HRD Logbook for the worked status of all spots it collects. This results in pretty colors on your panafall spots.

    It's these last two options that are prone to trigger performance issues on the HRD Logbook side. Generally, I find these performance issues tolerable only because I dont usually interact directly with HRD Logbook. It's most annoying if I try to log an SSB or CW QSO in HRD Logbook's ALE window while also monitoring FT8 on multiple bands. But in that case, I just turn off the HRD 'spot source' in Slice Master. I lose the panafall colors but Grid Tracker does a better job at alerting me to any wanted calls.

    The scissors and toothpick on my swiss army knife arent always useful either ;)


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