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Maestro Noise burst

DVDV Member
Maestro Problem: Noise burst on SSB transmission when using the SmartLink WAN remote. When I hit the MOX button, other hams tell me that they hear a 1/4 second burst of white noise, then the audio is excellent. I'm using version 2.0.19 software on the Maestro and my 6700 which is 1600 miles away. I use an Audio-Technica USB mic into a win 7 computer and I take the output from the computer's line out into Line 1 of the Maestro. If I run the same microphone on my win 7 computer but use VPN to the remote 6700 and use SmartSDR for Windows software (not using the Maestro) I do not get the noise burst. Also, when using the USB mic, no such noise burst is heard when recording to Audacity. This seems to me to be either a Maestro issue or a SmartLink issue.  I have written this up on a ticket and had a QSO with Dudley where he heard the noise burst, but with the release of the new 6600 radios and the intended release of the new power amplifier, Flex staffers have been very busy and have not been able to make any progress on this issue.  So, I'm using this forum to see if any others have experienced a similar problem, and if so is there a solution?   


  • Glenn NutseyGlenn Nutsey Member
    edited February 2018
    Hi Doug, I had a similar problem running my 6300 remotely with the Maestro. The noise you describe is similar to what I had experienced and it was evident when I carried out a quick record and played it back. When I described the noise to Dudley he said it was likely to be compression of the audio. My problem was that my network connection was good to poor and was creating latency. I was advised to add a 50ms delay to the tx delay menu in radio setup. This cured my problem although I have upgraded both internet connections which made a huge difference. One other point I would add is that if I operated remotely through my PC using a usb microphone the problem was not as pronounced. For reference I was using the Flex standard mic connected to the RJ45 connection. I hope it helps. Regards Glenn
  • DVDV Member
    edited February 2018
    Glenn, thanks for your input on this problem.  Funny, Dudley had me add TX delay as well, but it had to increase to 350 ms before it made any difference.  Even at 350 there was still a noise burst, but not as bad. The problem I have now is that with the higher TX delay that we added and the latency in SmartLink, it puts me at a total latency of about one full second which made it really difficult to get recognized in any DX pileups. It is very interesting to note that when you used a USB microphone, your noise burst was not as pronounced.  In my case, it is just the opposite, when I use the Flex hand mic the problem is less pronounced (but still there).

    With regard to the network connection, I get three bars on the Maestro. Sometimes the connection gets a bit flaky for just a few seconds with 2 bars and even one red bar at times. But it runs at three bars for most of time. Upload in Florida is 6 mbs and download time is 65 mbs.  At the Radio in Iowa, the connection is fiber with 100 mbs both up and down. 

    I have scratched by head trying to figure where the noise burst is coming from.  Is it in the radio or in the Smartlink VPN connection, or somewhere else?
  • Glenn NutseyGlenn Nutsey Member
    edited February 2018
    Hi Doug, How do you connect your radio to the LAN at the remote site ? My problems disappeared since upgrading the internet speeds and connecting the radio throug a switch directly to the LAN, although I did also switch the mic to the Yaesu MH31 which also helped me. My experience to date is that I have better reliability of reliable network connection and audio quality with my MS Surface and a $20 condenser microphone. Pity I cannot run morse through the Surface. Thanks Glenn
  • John - K3MAJohn - K3MA Member ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    For Morse you can use CWX.  Or if you need to use a key I think some people have had success with a device like this one but I have not tried it myself.

  • DVDV Member
    edited February 2018
    Glenn, the Maestro is connected by WI-FI to my router which is in the same room some three feet away. I will be out of town on vacation for a week or so, but when I return I can easily connect the Maestro directly to the router with a short Ethernet cable. If the noise burst is still there, that would remove one variable and eliminate the WI-FI as the cause. I will report the result. Thanks for your suggestion.
  • DVDV Member
    edited March 2018
    Returned to this project and wired the Maestro directly to my router (no Wi-Fi). The problem still exists. Still looking for an answer.

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