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We are Up-N-Running on SmartLink for Remote Operations with SmartSDR Version 2.0.17

Wheelin Rev
Wheelin Rev Member
edited September 2017 in SmartSDR for Windows
After no less than four Community posts for assistance in getting the remote capability of SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 working and thanks to quite a few Community members that proved to be most helpful to me, I am now FULLY operational with SmartLink for remote operations. And what a fantastic capability it is!

The main objective for this upgrade was to enable me to operate my FLEX-6500 from my hospital bed at home and from the hospital when I land there due to my MELAS disorder that keeps me down quite a bit and forced medical retirement upon me. Through the generous gesture of a group of hams cited in the "Sentiment" section, I was able to get this upgrade that otherwise would have eluded me.

The upgrade itself, SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 and the associated iOS app for the iPhone/iPad written by Marcus Roskosch, DL8MRE, are pretty much straightforward and automatic provided one reads the Release Notes and User Guides before starting installation to avoid some common issues. The SmartSDR Software User's Guide is the one document that I did NOT reference prior to installation and had I read the beginning of it, on Page 31 of 206, the one item that I was missing in the whole remote operations chain was explained in full detail. If Ria, N2RJ, had not posted a screenshot of her SmartLink window, I would have never known it existed. A bunch of helpful Community members, including Dudley and Tim at FlexRadio, were trying to figure out why I could not connect remotely via SmartLink. It was the SmartLink window where you REGISTER the radio that I had not completed! As it turns out, while on your own local Wi-Fi, you can operate through the iPhone app albeit you are NOT operating via SmartLink.

As for the entire SmartSDR Software User's Guide, it is chocked full of golden nuggets that will allow the FLEX-6xxx radio user to get the most out of the SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 software possible. Now that I've read all 206 pages, and I still need to go back and read it again to let it really sink in, I feel a little more educated in the under-the-hood workings of SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 than I was before I read it. Imagine that! Duh!

Anyway, the main points that I am trying to make in this post are:
  1. SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 and SmartSDR iOS for the iPad/iPhone are a great combination for those needing remote connectivity while away from the shack.
  2. Smart SDR Version 2.0.17 does have some other goodies not specifically geared to remote operations so be sure to read "SmartSDR v2.0.17 Now Available" if you haven't already done so. You don't want to miss out on something you might find useful.
  3. Reading ALL of the available documentation prior to installation of SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 and SmartSDR iOS for iPad/iPhone WILL cut down on, if not eliminate altogether, problems during installation and the barrage of questions that naturally follow. Those folks at FlexRadio really did do a good job at documenting the product!
  4. And finally, last but not at all least, the Amateur Radio Community does look out for one another as evidenced by the generous help that I received in obtaining the SmartSDR Version 2.0.17 and SmartSDR iOS upgrades as well as the subsequent assistance received in getting everything working. Thank you ALL!!!
The Ham Radio Community is alive and well and especially so for the FlexRadio Community here at https://community.flexradio.com/. God bless you all!

73, Rev. David E. Hamm, K4EET


  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017

    I am so happy to hear that this has all come together for you.  It was my honor to assist with the purchase of the upgrade.  Several hams did chip in to help so it was a combined effort.

    I am technical in nature but I knew I would be extremely busy with work so I was hopeful that the rest of the community and FRS could work through the details of getting everything working with you.

    It appears that happened.

    So now you have absolutely no excuse to not be on the air waves regardless of where you are!  I hope to hear you on.  Please do let us all know where you generally operate and I'll see if I can find you some day.

    On that note I am working on a small application which works with DX spots and the FlexRadio.  One idea I have is a way we can post where we are to the spot network.  Sort of a "here I am" button that will include a tag that you are an FRS user.

    My little spot app will look for these tags and allow you to click on another FRS user to see if you can make the contact.  

    Not sure when I'll get it done but I think it will be kind of cool.
  • Wheelin Rev
    Wheelin Rev Member
    edited August 2017
    Mark, the "here I am" app sounds like a great idea. Have you considered contacting Marcus Roskosch, DL8MRE, to see if that could be worked into his DX Cluster app since most of the coding would be existing? Or possibly reuse some of the existing code in a new "Here I Am" app. Just a thought... 73, Dave K4EET

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