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SmartSDR v1.10.15 BETA Now Available for Download

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited January 2017 in SmartSDR for Windows
FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v1.10.15 BETA for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs and Maestro.  SmartSDR v1.10.15 is the second BETA release for SmartSDR v1.10 that contains fixes for previously identified software defects.

What is a Public Beta Release?

Public beta releases serve the dual purpose of demonstrating a product offering to potential customers, and testing among an extremely wide user base likely to bring to light obscure issues that a much smaller testing team might not find.

This is the second beta for SmartSDR v1.10 – this means that you will be using a version of SmartSDR that is more stable that the previous beta release, but not yet ready for general availability use at this time. The Engineering and Customer Service Teams have deemed it stable enough for release so that we may gather additional data points in regards to operability.  So if you are a regular user of SmartSDR that is not concerned by this possibility here’s a great opportunity to help us make the next GA (general availability) release even better.

Since SmartSDR v1.10.15 is a beta release, support is handled a little differently than with a general release. The Station Integration USB cables feature is what designates SmartSDR v1.10.15 as a BETA release.  All communications regarding the USB cable connect feature, such as questions, comments, request for support or reporting a bug should be sent via e-mail to: integration@flexradio.com

As with previous general releases, support for all other features in SmartSDR v1.10.15 is provided by submitting a support ticket through the HelpDesk.

Because this is a public Beta, for USB cable-related issues, we encourage you to contact us at the email address above rather than posting questions on the FlexRadio Community, social media, or submitting a HelpDesk support ticket.

For this release, in particular, it is highly recommended that you review the SmartSDR v1.10.15 Release Notes before upgrading as there are several “best practices” recommendations that will facilitate a smooth transition to the new version of SmartSDR for Windows.  In addition, review the Known Issues section as well to determine if upgrading is best for you.

If you are a Maestro user, it is recommended that you review the SmartSDR v1.10.15 Maestro Release Notes and ChangeLog before upgrading. 

Thank you for your participation.  The developers look forward to receiving your feedback on this beta release of SmartSDR.

What’s fixed in SmartSDR v1.10.15

SmartSDR v1.10.15 includes several fixes including:
  • Intermittent Radio Crashes Fixed: A defect was inadvertently introduced in SmartSDR v1.10.8 that could result in some radios intermittently crashing after an indeterminate amount of time.  The root cause of this issue was related to some DHCP optimizations and has been corrected. (Defect #4270).
  • USB Cable Fixes and Updates: Based on the excellent feedback from users utilizing the USB Cable feature, a variety of issues have been corrected (Defects #4264, #4301, #4302, #4313 and #4300).
  • SmartSDR CAT / Winkeyer Fixes:  Several issues related to the operation of Winkeyer and CAT have been incorporated in this release to improve operational stability and workflow.  (Defects #4284, #4250 and #2527).
  • SmartSDR Settings File Improvements: The reliability and integrity of the file saved on the PC that stores SmartSDR client persistence data has been improved.  File errors are now caught and fixed automatically instead of silently failing to save. (Defect #4329).
  • Various Fixes and Updates to the SmartSDR User Interface: SmartSDR v1.10.15 BETA contains various updates and defect corrections to the SmartSDR GUI.  Please see the Changelog for additional details (Defects #4260, #4275, #4368, #4331, #4371, #4387 and #4299).
The cumulative SmartSDR v1.10.8 Change Log detail is listed below.

v1.10.15 Beta 2017-1-23
Public Beta Release

v1.10.14 Alpha 2017-1-1
#4387 Waveform: Optimize radio waveform code to reduce waveform dropouts

v1.10.13 Alpha 2017-1-4
#4272 Maestro:  Fixed issue where an added Slice would have a much higher audio level than before
#4371 Fixed Preamp settings sometimes unexpectedly changing when opening a 3rd Panadapter
#4331 DEXP, TX Filter settings, PROC, and Profile Loads, others now behave correctly (needed to occasionally toggle controls before)

v1.10.12 Alpha 2017-17-3
#4366 Fixed mismatch button states (greyed out buttons) and profile load failures in Maestro and SmartSDR (broken in v1.10.11)
#4368 Cleaned up Panadapter indicator alignment as well and text alignment for XVTR indicator.  Also fixes UHE.

v1.10.9 Alpha 2016-12-21
#4288 Maestro: Added 'Open Memory' option to F key options
#3016 Maestro: Waterfall timestamp now shows correct time
#4300 USB:  VHF BCD 2304 band now works properly
#4313 USB:  Bit frequency range now correctly persisted
#4301 USB:  VHF bands now properly turn off when switching from VHF bands to HF bands and then back to VHF
#4302 USB:  LDPA Preamp setting is now updated properly
#4264 USB:  Changed LDPA Preamp state names (Enabled is now Internal, Disabled is now External/None)
#2527 CAT:  CW key immediate (CTRL+T from N1MM) now uses the RF power value instead of TUNE power
#4250 CAT:  Existing port option is now disabled when the WinKyer protocol is selected
#4284 CAT:  FT0 command now turns XIT off automatically if needed
#4270 Fixed random radio crash issue introduced in v1.10.x
#4326 Loading a global profile no longer results in a noise burst (was dependant on AGC, AF settings)
#4275 Loop A and B indicators now appear in the correct state on startup
#4299 Setting RF power level when in TUNE while on XVTR now changes the RF power level instead of TUNE power level
#4260 Slice CTCSS on/off state is now displayed correctly on startup and after profile loads
#4329 Client persistence file integrity checks improved (errors are now caught and fixed automatically instead of silently failing to save)
#4292 API:  Removed redundant Diversity Slice frequency change command to the radio

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