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Moving or Copying Slices

W B McCarty
W B McCarty Member
edited July 2019 in New Ideas
Okay, I know this would be tough to implement. But it would be helpful to me, at least.

From time to time I find that I need to reorganize my slices and panadapters. To facilitate this I'd like to be able to move or copy a slice from one panadapter to another.

Moving or copying a slice to another panadapter could be done by direct manipulation, a so-called drag-and-drop operation. Or, the action could be triggered by clicking a designated icon on a slice and could proceed by means of a context menu that provides the means to choose the target panadapter (or None, in which case a new panadapter is created and designated as the target) and specify whether the operation should copy or move the designated slice. Of course, if all available slices are in use a copy operation must fail. But a move operation should succeed.


  • Kevin
    Kevin Member
    edited July 2019
    I wonder if memories could be used to perform what you are looking for. Not as elegant as a drag and drop but it might be useful in the interim.

    If I save Slice A to memory I can bring up another slice or pan, make it active and restore memory to the new slice effectively copying from one to the other i think.

    FR Stacks has a feature where you can right click a slice and swap with another active slice.

    Kev K4VD
  • Duane  N9DG
    Duane N9DG Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    In addition to moving slices I'd like to see the concept of slice and panadapter profiles. I find myself wanting to remove one slice or panadapter display panel and then replace it with another without disturbing all of the other existing ones that I do not want to change in any way. Global profiles are great, but they change everything which I often do not want to do. And memory channels as currently designed are too limited for what is saved for the slices.

    When simply spawning new ones then the current persistent rules define the make up of the new slice or panadapter. And those are often far away from what I want to do on a single slice RX or panadapter basis. These slice and panadapter saved "profiles" will contain specific settings for mode, filters, AGC (-t), volume, etc. for slices, and then the various display parameters for the panadapter display profiles. Basically the same level of settings detail as the global profiles, but limited to a single slice or panadapter basis.

    I submitted this idea to the list awhile ago, but I could not find it here on the community because of the utterly useless search facility Get Satisfacyion has.
  • Duane  N9DG
    Duane N9DG Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Found the original post I made for the concept of panadapter profiles.


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