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Need technical support from FlexRadio? It's as simple as Creating a HelpDesk ticket. CAT problem - CAT works only when restarting manually

DH2ID Member ✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in SmartSDR for Windows
CAT takes quite a long time to autostart when starting Windows 7 HP 64bit.
Starting MiniDeluxe it can't find a CAT port, WSJTX and HRD DM780 do not get
CAT and PTT COM ports from SmartSDR CAT.

Closing SmartSDR CAT and restarting it manually solves this problem.
This behaviour is new with and has never happened before.


  • Neal_K3NC
    Neal_K3NC Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Eric, the problem is that the user is starting DDU by a shortcut in the Startup directory of his start menu and its coming up before CAT has initialized and defined its vcomm ports. Steve Nance has recommended people to not start DDU up in the Startup directory for this reason. On the computers I install, I create a task that starts up DDU 2 minutes after startup and checks every 2 minutes to see if its running (and if not, it starts DDU up).  If anyone needs assistance on setting this up, I will be glad to help.
  • DH2ID
    DH2ID Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Neal, SmartSDR CAT and DAX are in my autostart folder and have started without
    problems until I installed 
    Some time after CAT and DAX have started I run a batch file which starts MiniDeluxe, SmartSDR, FRStack, HRDLog and WSJT-X.
    This has worked all the time. I hope it will work again with an update.
    BTW I think you mean DDUtil by "DDU", which I can't use as it does not work with
  • Neal_K3NC
    Neal_K3NC Member ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Alex, I started seeing this over a year ago on Win7 and not on alpha/beta releases but production releases. Also, these were high-performance machines, not i3s, etc. 

    Its okay to run CAT and DAX in the autostart folder, its where Flex puts them. Just go to the task schecduler (in the Admin section of your control panel) and create a task that starts 3 minutes after login to execute your script. If CAT hasn't fully come up in 3 minutes, then change the delay in your task to 210 seconds, etc. Keep bumping it up until it starts correctly and forget about it.

    Yes, DDU stands for DDUtil, I just get tired of typing the full name HI!
  • DH2ID
    DH2ID Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Ok, I took Neal's good advice and created a batch file, which I compiled:

    @echo off
    cd C:Program FilesFlexRadio SystemsSmartSDRDAX
    start DAX.lnk
    cd C:Program FilesFlexRadio SystemsSmartSDRSmartSDR CAT
    start Cat.lnk
    cd C:Program Files (x86)MiniDeluxe
    start MiniDeluxe.exe
    cd C:Program Files (x86)Ham Radio Deluxe
    start HRDLogbook.exe
    cd C:Program Files (x86)FRStack
    start FRStack.lnk
    cd C:Program Files (x86)HamAppsJTAlert
    start JTAlert.exe /wsjtx
    cd C:Program FilesFlexRadio SystemsSmartSDR
    start SmartSDR.exe --serial=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    (I used links for some programs to start them minimized)

    Now all is OK again, Problem soved!

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