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Profile Trial and Error

wb7ond Member ✭✭
edited February 2018 in New Ideas
I have had my 6500 for about a month now, and I am trying to set up a combination WSPR 1W transmit and a PSK-31 20W transmit profile. I discovered that you cannot hook a TX profile to a Slice.   The TX profile name does not change when I click TX from one slice to another.  But, I am able to make the TX power level shift from one slice to another.  

I have two panadapters open, one for 30M wspr (slice B),  and one for 20M PSK-31(slice A).  This way I can see both on the screen.   When I click on TX Slice B, I set the power to 1 W, when I click on TX on slice A, I set the power to 20W and I click save for the TX profile and for the Global profile.   This seems to allow the WSPR slice to call for TX and get the 1Watt and the PSK slice gets its 20W, that's all good, but it took about a half hour for me to discover after I went through all the intuitive trial and error, a mix of fun and frustration.

I then notice that a profile does not save the Slice.  When I set Fldigi to slice A for DAX and CAT, and then set Slice B for WSPR DAX and Cat, I save each profile independently, and then recall, if there is no Slice A and I recall WSPR then it reverts to Slice A with the "wrong" DAX and CAT to the decode program.  I guess there is no way to keep WSPR on Slice B without Slice A being spawned?   This way I can launch both or each, without changing the decode software CAT and DAX. 

The manual as great as it is explaining, but was not much help for how I want to operate.  I have watched 'TX profile' videos, searched the Community here, but in the end, it seems trial and error and experimentation provides most info.   One of the Elecraft resources is KE7X books, that incorporate operating hints and kinks for their radios.  I see there is a Flex wiki, could this be a repository for operating scenarios, for example "Best way to setup multiple digital modes".  A respository for useful profiles that would work across radios, or for Memory lists, SWL or digital operating, I know my Memory List is growing, so I can click a "Mode/Freq", just be careful of the hidden parameters that change your loaded profile, like power out...

R. Linder


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