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RF Feedback at 10 W locks TX in Tune Position Requiring Tap of the Keyboard Space Bar to Clear

Andy Masters
Andy Masters Member
This evening after rearranging my Flex6500, AL811H, and PALSTAR HF Auto, I experienced the unique condition of RF Feedback (I think) that would not let me unkey from the TUNE position with my mouse.  I discovered I could hit the space bar on my keyboard and that would return it to receive.   It does NOT do this when I transmit using PTT or key the MOX with the mouse-only when I key the TUNE button with the mouse.  I have toroids on about every lead in and out and I have ground jumpers from each piece of equipment, but I do not have a ground system in my shack to carry them too.  It performs just fine into the dummy load.  My antenna is a random length long wire that is feed by coax to a good rf choke, 50 feet of LMR400, another good RF Commode mode choke, a 9:1 balun (at which point I have a ground system of radials, and then 117 feet of wire.

My question is has anyone else experienced the odd behavior with the keyboard and any suggestions on where the RF is getting in and to specifically what is it messing with?  At 4 watts out, no problems, but at 8 watts out-RFI is present.   Again this only happens using the tune button.    Thanks, Andy NU5O


  • EA4GLI
    EA4GLI Salvador Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2016
    Are you using DDUtil? 
  • Ken - NM9P
    Ken - NM9P Member ✭✭
    edited June 2020
    Random End-Fed wire antennas are notorious for getting RF into the shack.  And the 6000 series, being connected to antenna, mike, keyer, and ethernet is sensitive to RF a bit more than some other rigs.  You may be getting RF into the router, computer or switch, too.  

  • Andy Masters
    Andy Masters Member
    edited September 2016
    No. Have not installed it yet.
  • EA4GLI
    EA4GLI Salvador Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2016
    OK. I was wondering if you might have enabled something that left TUNE on.
    Good luck hunting down RF sources... it can be difficult.
  • Ned K1NJ
    Ned K1NJ Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
         So, assuming it acted "normally" before rearranging the shack layout--
                              Space bar toggles the last mouse action, e.g. selecting TUNE, MOX or
        even BAND.  It won't "undo"  RF problems.  Take a look at the mouse connection.  Make
        sure it's well seated.  Did the mouse wire get moved about when things were rearranged?

        Neat, unique problem, Andy.  Good luck,

    Ned,  K1NJ
  • Terry K8EET
    Terry K8EET Member ✭✭
    edited September 2016

    I happen to have this problem when using CW Skimmer. I know it's because I have my ports **** up. Didn't realize the space bar would allow it to get out of the tune mode, but it does. So I'm guessing it has something to do with your CAT settings. 

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