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IOS SmartSDR vs K6TU



  • KC9NRN
    KC9NRN Member
    edited December 2019

    Ok, this makes no sense, when you go into the iPad settings for VPN it states to use the OpenVPN app to connect. So of course I ignored that and clicked to turn on the VPN from within the settings app which connected instantly to the R7000 and then opened SmartSDR, clicked on the radio and wouldn't you know it, I'm connected to the radio and listening to QSO's on 80m!

    I'm going to let it run in the background for a bit and hopefully it doesn't freeze again.


  • ThisUserDoesNotExist
    ThisUserDoesNotExist Company Adviser ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    Dear OM (still don't know your name or Call). As you can see and as mentioned, it is not a problem of my App but of your VPN. When the App froze, your VPN was gone and the App froze because it didn't receive any more data even though the TCP data channel still seemed to be intact and reports a available radio.

    For the reason why your VPN stopped working there could be a couple of reasons. My assumption is, that there might have been set some kind of timeout (e.g. on your Router (VPN Server) side or on your Client configuration for the OpenVPN App.

    However, next time when the App freezes, tap the home button and check for the [VPN] Icon I mentioned in my previous post - or open the OpenVPN App and see if you are still connected.

    Anyway. It is good that you solved it and for others who may run into the same issue, please keep in mind what I wrote about the [VPN] Icon at the top of the main iOS screen. It it is not there, you are not connected via VPN.

    vy 73,
    Marcus, DL8MRE
  • KC9NRN
    KC9NRN Member
    edited October 2016


    Thank you for responding. Let me clear this up, the VPN was connected at the time of the freeze up and for each and every attempt to connect to the radio. I'm not blaming SmartSDR, for all I know it's something within IOS that crashed, who knows but I it was still connected to the VPN.

    Hitting the home button did absolutely nothing so I power cycled the iPad and reconnected to the VPN. SmartSDR saw the radio but wouldn't connect to it, I'm not blaming SmartSDR, just stated that ever since the app froze, it has not connected to the radio since (until today), from 4 different locations and while using my AT&T MiFi.

    For the sake of clarity I never once said the VPN stopped working, I stated the radio would be seen but could not connect. Each and every time I have not been able to connect, the VPN was active and showed the radio as available, every time. The problem was I could select it and it would take me back to the "tap to connect" screen.

    I have reconfigured the VPN from the R7000 to the iPad and it still didn't work, could this be something strange dealing with the VPN, absolutely. Again, not blaming your app, the VPN is best effort for sure and since I have zero control over the config files because its through Netgear I have to assume if it works once, it should be repeatable.

    I don't know how selecting VPN from IOS Settings, where Apple states to use the OpenVPN app works, makes zero sense but it seems to.

    Thanks for putting out this app Marcus, I've been enjoying it quite a bit iPad issues aside. :)

  • KC9NRN
    KC9NRN Member
    edited October 2016

    I was going to eat lunch at my desk and now while connected to the VPN it says search error, rebooting and recycling the R7000 and iPad does nothing so I'll try later.

    VPN is connected, I checked the status on the R7000 and it shows things exactly like it always does, that the iPad is connected, the same address, everything looks the same.

    I'm going to contact Netgear and ask if there is a way to go with one configuration, I believe that within the OpenVPN config there are various methods it tries, depending on which one succeeded it works or it doesn't. I'm going to see how much is in the OpenVPN log, maybe that will yield some information.

  • KC9NRN
    KC9NRN Member
    edited October 2016

    If somebody wants to close this I'm sure this is a Netgear/OpenVPN thang. It's now working of course and I did nothing to change anything except to wait 10 minutes.

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