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SmartSDR v1.8 Now Available for Download

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited December 2016 in SmartSDR for Windows
FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of the SmartSDR v1.8.3 for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs .  SmartSDR v1.8.3 is a general release containing new features, fixes for several class 2 defects (major) and several additional minor defects.

NOTE: SmartSDR for Maestro v1.8.3 has been deferred due to a critical defect that affects a small number of Maestros not uncovered during testing.

The SmartSDR 1.8 release contains new software for SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR CAT and DAX.   

The following highlights are SmartSDR for Windows specific features and major bug fixes :

Ability to Disconnect Existing Users (GUI clients): The FLEX-6000 only allows one GUI client or user to connect to the radio at one time.  With SmartSDR for Windows v1.8.3, when you encounter a Radio in Use indicator when trying to connect to a FLEX-6000, you can now remotely disconnect the existing user gracefully, allowing you to connect to the radio. (Update #3505)

Ability to Use DAX and Mic Input at the Same Time: SmartSDR has been enhanced to allow for a mic input to be used when DAX is the primary audio input.  This will facilitate the use of a DAX connected voice keyer and allow the use of a mic when DAX is not actively streaming. (Update #3622)

Automatic Power Fold-back due to high SWR: All FLEX-6000 radios now have active SWR fold-back protection to protect the power amplifier (PA).  The PA power levels will be automatically reduced in high SWR situations, starting when reverse power meets or exceeds 25W. (Update #3644)

Fix for Random Radio Crashes Sometimes Accompanied with a 400 Hz Tone: An inadvertent resource leak in the radio firmware was identified as a probable root cause for periodic crashes sometimes accompanied with the radio emitting a 400 Hz tone.  This issue has been fixed (defect #3597)

Fix for Missing CW Sidetone: A problem resulting in leading elements of the CW sidetone being truncated has been fixed (defect #3657)

As with any new release, it is recommended that you review the Important Release Details section in the SmartSDR v1.8.3 Release Notes before upgrading. There are several “best practices” recommendations that will facilitate a smooth transition to SmartSDR v1.8.3.  

The cumulative SmartSDR v1.8.3 ecosystem Change Log detail is listed below.

 v1.8.3 2016-06-30
General release of SmartSDR for Windows.

 v1.8.2 RC 2016-06-24
#3622    Firmware: Mic audio will transmit even if DAX is enabled unless DAX is actively streaming.
#3718    SmartSDR for Windows: Installer no longer installs DAX drivers when the DAX option is unchecked.
#3721    Maestro: Direct frequency entry on Slice B menu now functional.
#3696    Maestro: GPS menu no longer appears when using a FLEX-6300.
#3713    Maestro: Slice AGC controls in the Audio menu now become Squelch controls when in FM mode.
#3701    Maestro: WiFi now supports these characters in the SSID and/or password: , " ' < > &
#3727    Maestro: Diversity controls in Audio menu are now greyed out when the parent Slice does not exist.
#3684    API: Fixed Vita49 info class typo.

 v1.8.1 Alpha 2016-06-16
#3597    Firmware: Various fixes under the hood to address random radio crashes (sometimes with ~400 Hz tone afterwards)
#3602    Maestro: (6700 only) Can now access Diversity Slice Volume and AGC controls in the Audio menu.
#3485    Maestro: VFO B knob now controls VFO A RIT or XIT if Slice B is not present.
#3676    Maestro: Renamed MEM buttons on TX menus to ATU MEM for clarity.
#3626    Maestro: Fixed 'Radio not found' error when updating to a new version.
#3652    Maestro: Slice RX filter knobs no longer appear to change the filter when in FM or NFM modes.
#3666    SSDR for Windows: changed radio connection lost message if the client was disconnected by another user.
#3673    SSDR for Windows: radio upgrade failure message is now more descriptive.

 v1.8.0 Alpha 2016-05-27
#3505    Firmware: Users can now disconnect users that are currently connected to a radio.
#3494    Maestro: It is now more difficult to accidentally unmute a Slice immediately after muting it by long-pressing the AF knob
#3644    Firmware: Added automatic power foldback for high SWR situations (starting at 25 W reverse power)

 v1.7.34 Alpha 2016-05-25
#3657    Firmware: Fixed missing CW sidetone.
#3610    Firmware: Waterfall black level is now restored properly on startup.
#3566    CAT: Added checks to prevent UHE when disconnecting.
#3615    Maestro: Waterfall time labels 1:00 and greater are no longer cut off.
#3625    Maestro: Battery indicator no longer remains visible after the external battery has been depleted.
#3432    Maestro: Fixed Maestro Display menu button not responding to touch input after radio disconnect/reconnect.
#3565    Maestro: Fixed a UHE when unplugging the charger from the Maestro.
#3629    Maestro: Can now change Slice frequency when in Diversity Slice menu.  Fixed UHE when touching inside Diversity Slice menu.
#3599    Maestro: Fixed slow Maestro startup when the Maestro server is not available.
#3598    Maestro: Network status text in lower left of startup now differentiates between availability of internet and the Maestro server.

 v1.7.33  2016-05-11
#2901    Maestro: Knob encoder reversal improved.
#3434    Maestro: Added control to disable Mic2 PTT.
#3340    Maestro: It is now harder to accidentally change frequency when pressing a VFO knob.

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