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Windows 10 ate my Browser?

James Del Principe
James Del Principe Member ✭✭
edited October 2018 in FLEX-6000 Signature Series
I know this is not strictly a Flex radio question but there is a lot of horsepower in knowledge in this community so I'm hoping someone will have an answer. I 'upgraded' my Windows 7 to Windows 10 several months ago and finally got used to using 'Edge' for my browser. The other day I booted up and selected the Edge icon down on the task tray but nothing happened. I tried some other applications and they worked fine so I thought a reboot might help. To my surprise, left clicking on the Windows icon in the lower left corner had no effect!!    Also, left clicking on any icons in the lower right task tray like audio or network also had no effect. I could bring up Chrome or Word or Excel just fine. Then to my further surprise the Edge icon disappeared!!!    I right clicked the Windows icon in the lower left corner and found that would work. Searching for Edge under 'all programs' produced nothing. Fortunately, I have most of my book marks - not all - in Chrome so I am able to get into my G-mail.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it a Windows 10 thing?     I am running Norton 360 and the wireless mouse is not at fault as the touchpad and its buttons work for all apps except as described above.     Most curious.     73, Jim


  • Kent Hufford
    Kent Hufford Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Edge can import ALL your bookmarked pages from other browsers.
    Windows 10 also still has the normal Internet Explorer. Just look under ALL APPS, and look WINDOWS ACCESSORIES.

    I also got rid of NORTON and went with FREE MS Windows DEFENDER. Took the money I have been spending on NORTON and bought MS OFFICE subscription (you get 5 copies)
  • James Del Principe
    James Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Thanks, Kent. I will search for Internet Explorer.    I had many more book marks in my Edge than in Chrome. That will teach me a lesson, I guess. I still cannot get the Windows Icon to respond to a left click nor the Audio or network icon. Sure would like to know what happened there. Most unsettling. Maybe it is time to retire this Dell 6400.    It did everything I needed it to do but this looks like a bad omen of things to come. 73, Jim
  • Jim Gilliam
    Jim Gilliam Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    You might try a restore to an earlier date. It is important to have a separate external USB drive to make hard drive images to fall back when a catastrophe occurs. Learning and developing imaging skills on Windows is one of the best time investments I have ever  made. Windows 7 and 10 image program works very well. However because it worked so well on 7, the Microsoft idiots made it more difficult to access. I'll never understand those lame brains.

    Jim, K6QE

  • James Del Principe
    James Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Jim, Thanks for the advice on creating an image of the HD. It seems to be a little late for that now but also my knowledge is fragmented. I'm no novice with computers and - yes - I should have made an image to an external drive (shame on me). I do have all important files backed up on a USB stick or two (but not apps or their configs) so that is not the problem. I could pay a visit to MS and download Edge, I 'spose. But it troubles me why certain functions are not working. I tried what Kent suggested:"Windows 10 also still has the normal Internet Explorer. Just look under ALL APPS, and look WINDOWS ACCESSORIES" but can't do that because a left click is not working so I can't get to ALL APPS. Can you advise on how to restore to an earlier date? Recall, left click does not work. Must be part of that vast right wing conspiracy. HI HI.        73, Jim

  • Doug - K3TZR
    Doug - K3TZR Member
    edited October 2018

    I had the same problem. I followed the steps listed here:


    I'm not sure I remember now but I think I went as far as the "reinstalling Windows Apps" in order to fix it (not as bad as it might sound).

    I hope this helps.

    Doug, K3TZR
  • Gerd Henjes
    Gerd Henjes Member
    edited April 2016
    Jim... open "Settings" then 'Update & security" then click on Windows update. This has been a know problem for a while... the newest version of Win 10 cures it.

    Gerd, W2ISB
  • James Del Principe
    James Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Well, success !!!      Now the start button and sound and network are back to working. I'll have to go to MS to get edge back.   But I also had to do "reinstalling Windows Apps".    I then checked for Windows updates - it had last been done at 8:30 this morning - and did it again. A reboot and there it is.... fixed.   What a great bunch a guys!!!      Thank you so very much !   I was really pulling my hair out on this one. I'll have to make a back up now or buy an external drive with auto backup SW....probably should think of a new laptop too as this is a bit long in the tooth....   My Very Best, Jim

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