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Has anyone had UPS delivery problems with shipments from Flex Radio, or from any company?

Don Hamrick
Don Hamrick Member
edited June 2019 in SmartSDR for Windows
I ordered the mic'd headset from Flex Radio on March 1st. The UPS tracking number showed that it was returned to Flex Radio on March 17th with no explanation for the non-delivery to me, the receiver. That's 16 days in transit only to end up returned to Flex Radio.

How often does UPS **** up deliveries? Not limiting the question to FLEX RADIO deliveries through UPS.

I checked ConsumerAffairs.com for complaints about UPS and found a lot of them. She here, and here. United Parcel Service (UPS) does NOT participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program



  • km9r.mike
    km9r.mike Member ✭✭
    edited March 2016
    I have sold approx. 25 amateur related items and have had 6 shipments w/FRS all via UPS ground and have never had a missed shipment nor a damaged shipment. Sorry to hear about your issue.
  • Don Hamrick
    Don Hamrick Member
    edited January 2019

    Location                             Date                Local Time      Activity

    FLEX RADIO                    03/01/2016      3:31 P.M.         Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    FLEX RADIO                     03/01/2016      4:31 P.M.         Pickup Scan

    FLEX RADIO                     03/01/2016      8:20 P.M.         Origin Scan

    UPS Austin, TX,                03/01/2016      10:10 P.M.       Departure Scan

    UPS Mesquite, TX            03/02/2016      1:15 A.M.         Arrival Scan

    UPS Mesquite, TX            03/02/2016      4:19 A.M.         Departure Scan

    UPS Memphis, TN            03/02/2016      11:55 A.M.       Arrival Scan

    UPS Memphis, TN            03/02/2016      9:39 P.M.         Departure Scan

    UPS Chattanooga, TN      03/03/2016      3:50 A.M.         Arrival Scan

    UPS Chattanooga, TN      03/03/2016      7:26 A.M.         Destination Scan

    UPS Chattanooga, TN      03/03/2016      10:54 A.M.       (1). The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address. BUT: The street number is CORRECT. UPS had no causer to update the address.

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/03/2016      6:18 P.M.         (2). The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address / We've contacted the receiver to request additional information. BUT the street umber was correct. UPS did not contact me.

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/08/2016      2:49 P.M.         (3). A delivery change for this package is in progress. / We've rescheduled this delivery. BUT! A deliver change in progress? What address did they find?

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/08/2016      2:49 P.M.         (4). A delivery change for this package is in progress. / Modification of the receiver's address. UPS had no cause to change the “SHIP TO” address;

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/08/2016      9:32 P.M.         (5). The street number is incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address. BUT street number is CORRECT!

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/08/2016      9:33 P.M.         (6). The delivery change was completed. / The package is being held for a future delivery date. BUT UPS had no cause to change the “SHIP TO” address. Why was the shipment HELD for a FUTURE DELIVERY DATE?

                             "WTH" HAPPENED HERE? 1 WEEK WITH NO ACTIVITY?

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/15/2016      7:08 P.M.         (7). The delivery change was completed. / The package will be returned to the sender. BUT UPS had no cause the change the “SHIP TO” address to FLEX RADIO. They had no cause to return the shipment to FLEX RADIO.

    UPS Chattanooga, TN,     03/15/2016      11:14 P.M.       Departure Scan

    UPS Nashville, TN            03/16/2016      12:50 A.M.       Arrival Scan

    UPS Nashville, TN,           03/16/2016      9:14 A.M.         Departure Scan

    UPS Memphis, TN            03/16/2016      1:22 P.M.         Arrival Scan

    UPS Memphis, TN,           03/16/2016      1:47 P.M.         Departure Scan

    UPS Dallas, TX,                03/16/2016      11:37 P.M.       Arrival Scan

    UPS Dallas, TX,                03/17/2016      3:06 A.M.         Departure Scan

    UPS Austin, TX                 03/17/2016      6:33 A.M.         Arrival Scan

    UPS Austin, TX                 03/17/2016      7:54 A.M.         Out For Delivery

    BACK AT FLEX RADIO    03/17/2016      12:23 P.M.       Delivered



    Response By Email ( Brian C. ) ( 03/18/2016 02:23 AM ) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (US EST)

    Dear Don,

    Thank you for making us aware of the matter and allowing us to respond. I sincerely apologize for the ongoing delivery issues you have been experiencing with your local UPS Customer Center.

    I have forwarded the details of your email to your local UPS Customer Center for a follow up on the matter. You may expect a call back on 03/18/16 by end of day. We appreciate your business, and I sincerely hope that you will allow us the opportunity to correct this issue.


    Brian C.
    UPS Customer Support


  • KY6LA_Howard
    KY6LA_Howard La Jolla, CA. Paris and Sablet FranceMember ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Like the package had an addressing error on its label.
  • Don Hamrick
    Don Hamrick Member
    edited June 2016
    I will put this question to Katie Gartman at Flex Radio.
  • K0UNX
    K0UNX Member ✭✭
    edited June 2016
    I'll bet the problem is with the BAR CODE (smudged or creased).  UPS drivers SCAN all the parcels into their data terminal, which tells them "the next stop."  The driver likely didn't check the address in ENGLISH on the box against the address on his data terminal.

    If you become a "UPS My Choice" member (free) you can have all packages re-routed to a local pick up point.  I've used this feature for years, and it works perfectly.  ALL my packages are AUTOMATICALLY re-routed to my local "The UPS Store."  I do the same with Fedex.

    That also keeps my XYL from seeing "That Big Box On The Porch" and it keeps criminal eyes from seeing "The Box" too!

    Jim Flannery
    Littleton, Co.
  • Don Hamrick
    Don Hamrick Member
    edited June 2016
    UPS confirms that FLEX RADIO used the CORRECT "SHIP TO" address that I provided in my purchase order. Now it looks like the ERROR is on UPS. I suspect it is a case of driver laziness - didn't want to deliver the box ~20 miles from Chattanooga.

    Response By Email ( Brian C. ) ( 03/18/2016 05:51 AM ) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (US EST) Dear Don,

    Thank you for your response and for providing the information previously requested.

    I have verified the ship to address provided and it matches the information we received from the shipper. I'm sorry you have experienced problems with this shipment. Please await the phone call from the local UPS Customer Center to further discuss the ongoing delivery issues you are experiencing.

    We value the trust you place in UPS, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you again.


    Brian C.
    UPS Customer Support

  • N7BCP
    N7BCP Member ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    When I have trouble with a UPS delivery I call them and ask them to hold the package and I make a trip to pick it up to avoid having the package returned to the sender. If I'm unable to pick it up for some time they have extended the time they will hold the package. I watch the tracker to catch any delivery issues.
  • Wally
    Wally Member
    edited March 2016
    USPS is worse!
  • Dan -- KC4GO
    Dan -- KC4GO Member
    edited March 2018
    I have had good service from UPS until recently when they started passing items off to USPS for the end delivery. I sent something to my brother in law and requested UPS delivery, but when it got to the final delivery they sent it to USPS and they put a note in his PO Box. As a shut in he has to get someone to go to the Post Office for him this delayed delivery for about 5 days. That's why I requested UPS. Next time it will be FedX. 

  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited March 2017
    We understand your frustration and anger.  But unfortunately, no one or company is perfect; present company included.  Mistakes happen.  This is not unique to UPS, as all shippers occasionally drop the ball. As a follow-up to your issue, we have discussed this matter with UPS.

    Since you worked directly with our shipping department for resolution and your order has been shipped via an alternate carrier, I am inclined to close this post because, at this juncture, FlexRadio has addressed the issue to the best of our ability and the feedback here will not be seen by UPS.
  • Patrick Greenlee
    edited March 2016
    Stuff happens.  I was returning a portable shortwave radio as it came DOA.  I used the shipper's preprinted label.  I took it to the USPS office and the next morning they delivered it back to me, the FROM address!

     I had a little accident driving my tractor too near my hex beam temporarily stored in one of my barns and ordered a couple replacement fiberglass rods.  K4KIO gets them from Alabama and shipped them to me but tracking info showed they were delivered back to Alabama.  Meanwhile K4KIO ships me a second set which arrives OK followed in 2 weeks by the original set being redelivered.  

    Another time I found a plastic bag in one of my pastures and got mad thinking it was someone's trash but investigation showed it to be a "creative" delivery by the delivery service whose driver claimed our driveway gate was locked but the reality is that it wasn't even closed.  Go figure!  It was a relief driver not the regular guy. Probably trying to make up time from getting lost out here in the country.

    Bottom line.  ALL the delivery outfits have problems.
  • dlwarnberg
    dlwarnberg Member ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    UPS rarely have delivery issues, but have had handling issues...
    USPS again no delivery issues but they too are a bit rough with packages from time to time... FedEX Home delivery is in my opinion better then the others...
  • Barry N1EU
    Barry N1EU Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    It varies by locale.  USPS is by far the best by me.
  • Steve K9ZW
    Steve K9ZW Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017

    Since Nov 2015 have had two FedEx Parcels go missing in transit, one UPS delayed for 10 days (no idea why), and a USPS dropped a Signature Required package on the front steps in a snowstorm.

    I've had inbound LTL loads (antenna bases and the like) arrive in the last few months, almost every one with pallet and packaging destruction and fairly roughed up.  Two arrived without the paperwork they were sent with, making inventorying them a pain.

    They all have exceptions to typical good delivery practices. 

    Out bound International you can't beat USPS for quick and easy, as UPS/FedEX will sent you an inch thick stack of paperwork expected a shipping pro to complete.

    Inbound I prefer insured UPS or FedEx to my work address WITH a signature required.  FedEx particularly will try to dump larger parcels on the LTL Truck Docks and just leave.  Requiring a Signature makes sure my inbound radio doesn't sit in a construction warehouse with forklifts whizzing by inches away, unnoticed unlike I get a ping alerting me or someone happens to ask what the package is.

    If I don't have original factory shipping, I ship via either of two particular Pack-n-Ship shops that I trust.  Both are a drive, but the superior service is worth it.

    When receiving MARK UP your receiving slip with ANY visual damages - pallet broken, box looks to have been dropped, missing loading slip & load paperwork, forklift punctures in the box - and USE YOUR CELLPHONE THEN AND THERE to photo-document.  I ask the drive to initial as well if I can get them to do it.

    Again stuff goes missing, goes walkabout and gets damaged, but these are the exceptions to great systems.


    Steve K9ZW

  • Alan - KA4B
    Alan - KA4B Member ✭✭
    edited March 2016
    I use UPS frequently in my business and I would guess they have a problem with less than 1 out of 500 packages.  
  • HCampbell  WB4IVF
    HCampbell WB4IVF Member ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    To keep Fedex drivers from dropping your packages on a loading dock, at a gate, under mailboxes, etc. you can use their web site to  leave instructions for all deliveries to your address (i.e., “deliver to office”, “deliver to front door”, etc.).  The driver then has to accept the instructions before being able to close out the delivery and go to the next stop.  Other companies may have similar options. 

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