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Rx Slice mode changes when moving unrelated panadapter

Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭
edited March 2018 in SmartSDR for Windows
Noticed this on SmartSDR 1.6.17, on my Flex-6500.

Moving the panadapter causes the mode of the slice receiver to change This even affects a slice receiver that is in a different panadapter.

May be an issue, .Not sure if its already been logged ?

This is how to check it.

1. Close down all the slice receivers and panadapters to leave only one panadapter running.

2. Select 80m band for the panadapter.

3. Add a single slice receiver and tune slice to something like 4.094MHz and set its mode to LSB.

4. Setup the panadapter to have edge frequency of about 4.072MHz - left edge and 4.120MHz - right edge, by adjusting the zoom and position etc.

5. Click and drag the panadapter background (not the Slice receiver) to the left (i.e.
increasing displayed frequency on panadapter), when the edge frequencies are above 4.080MHz (left edge) and 4.28MHz (right edge) the mode of the slice receiver
changes to USB.

6. When the panadapter is dragged to the right, i.e reducing the panadapter displayed frequency so the edge frequencies are below 4.072MHz (left edge) and 4.120MHz (right edge), the slice receivers mode changes back to LSB.

Interestingly, if there are multiple slice receivers set in the same panadapter above and below 4.094MHz, and the same thing is tried, the slice that is active/selected (yellow cursor line) will haves its mode altered, the others are unaffected.

Now this example shows how the slice receiver in another panadapter is affected.

1. If you drag the panadapter so its edge frequencies are at 4.072MHz (left edge) to 4.120MHz (right edge)

2. Start up a second panadapter, set to any band. (I've tried 80m and 20m)

3. Start a new slice receiver in this second panadater and set its mode to LSB mode and leave it as the active/selected slice.

4. If you now go back to the first panadapter (the one you set to 4.072 to 4.120MHz) and drag it to the left so the panadapter edges are greater than 4.080 (left) and 4.128 (right) the mode of the slice receiver in the second panadapter gets changed to USB!

5. If you drag the panadapter back to the right, to lower the edge frequencies, there is no change. This seems to be a one way thing. But if you reset the mode to LSB and drag the first panadapter back and forth between the ranges explained above, then it will change back to USB!

The exact frequencies of these strangeness seem to depend on the zoom of the panadapter, so the frequencies I have given are just what worked for me repeatably as an example.

I did a factory reset and it still does it ?

A bit weird, no doubt I'm probably the only one who it does it to! Sorry for the long post.

73, Ray


  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave Member ✭✭
    edited June 2016

    Im experiencing the same problem which is why I found your post, I never noticed it before today.

    6300 on firmware.

  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for confirming this. I've not tested on 1.7.30. You are the only one to have confirmed the nuance on any version but its probably very low on FRS and everyone else's priority stack.

  • DON
    DON Member ✭✭
    edited June 2016
    i also notice the same thing on my 6300. Not really a nasty problem but it can be irritating. Never saw  it on previous builds.
  • Walt
    Walt Member ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    And here I thought it to be a feature - when I move the radio from 80 meters to the 4 MHz marine band, it automatically switches to USB so I do not have to click the mode !

    Same on 40 meters when you go above 7400 KHz or so . . or when I drop to the aero band and it switches to USB around 6870 KHz and then switches back when I run the dial back up past 6940 KHz. into the 40 meter band.

    Oh well - maybe Flex can tell us if this is a defect or a feature - I can get used to either.


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