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Flex-5000a, Windows 10 install problem??

Hi, I have not used my flex a while because my pc was broken. Now I have a new fast pc built with an i7 and windows 10 64 bit. A firewire card I bought with a Ti chipset on it. All installations were normal. The firewire driver sees the flex. I start the latest powersdr v2.7.2 on for my flex-5000 everything is going well. However I do not get any noise on the screen and also no audio can be heard. All I can click on buttons that also works.

What could be the problem?

73, Matt pa9dx.

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  • WX7YWX7Y Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 6
    Hi Martin,
    When you say "I do not get any noise on the screen and also no audio can be heard" does that mean the display is "Flat Lined" or is there still noise on the screen below -130 in the Panadapter screen mode? 

    You can look at the Antenna settings and make sure your on the correct Antenna port.
    If all is well there then plug your Antenna into the "RX1in" BNC jack with a BNC adapter and select it in your Antenna settings if you see signal there then you may have lost one of the Micro Relays on the "RFIO" Board and that board will have to be repaired. 
    If you DON'T hear signals on the "RX1in" jack then you may have something else on your Antenna system wrong or something else in the radio wrong, 
    You may also want to try resetting the database just to make sure something isn't corrupt there.
    Hope this helps troubleshoot the issue a little bit for you.

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    Hai Bret,

    I see nothing till -160dB and no noice on the speakers. I tried the factory defaults, no luck.

  • WX7YWX7Y Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 6
    is this even on the "RX1in" BNC jack and the radio set for "RX1in" on the antenna selection?
    Boy if this is the case I would make a trouble ticket or contact support at FLEX and see what they say.

    73's and hope you very good luck.

  • Steve TylerSteve Tyler Member
    edited January 2016

    Can you hear audio through the phone jack on the front of the unit?

    -Steve KT2I

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  • Tim - W4TMETim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited March 2017
    I have converted this topic to a support HelpDesk ticket (http://helpdesk.flexradio.com) for expedited issue resolution.  If anyone else is experiencing an issue similar to this one, please submit a HelpDesk support ticket for issue resolution.
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    I don't hear any audio from the speakers and I don't see any noise on the screen, only a flat line. I see a max dpc 3461200 and a flatline in de driver screen. A friend asked are you using an Asus mainboard. Yes I am using a H710 mainboard.

  • edited March 2017
    The problem is the PC or Windows 10!!
    I tried an other pc with windows 7 and used the PCI-E firewirecard without a problem!
    My new Asus H170 has an Uefi bios, can this be the problem? I also have problems to install windows 7 on this pc.

  • edited March 2016
    I am having the same problem.New computer,everything on powersdr screen works but no audio and no signal,just a flat line.Works with old pc just fine.Old Pc has windows 7 .put windows 7 on new Pc and still wont work.Thanks, Steve N4YCF
  • edited March 2016
    Steve do you have a Ti chipset on the fiewirecard and an Intel Skylake chipset?
    The TI XIO2200 used in a lot of FW400 cards no longer works properly on any X99 / Z170 boards and your better off going for a TI based FW800 solution using the XI02213 chipset.

    This card is working here with win10 and skylake.

    Delock PCI Express Card > 2 x external FireWire B + 1 x external FireWire A
    Item No. 89153

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    Thanks,Martin I will give that a try
  • Tim - W4TMETim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited December 2016
    If you are having DPC as high as 3461200uS, there is no way the 5000/3000 will work on that PC.  DPCs are a result of poorly written hardware drivers and how they interact with the PC hardware.  Probably not a Win10 issue specifically.  Updating the motherboard's BIOS and all hardware drivers is how long duration DPCs are overcome.

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