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DStar problems ... I think

Gary L. Robinson
Gary L. Robinson Member ✭✭
edited February 2017 in SmartSDR for Windows
I am using the Flex 6300 and an Elecraft XV144 transverter.  I have the DStar dongle I purchased from Flex Radio a week or so ago.  I have installed the Flex 1.5 SmartSDR. 

When I FIRST installed SmartSDR 1.5 it was NOT a smooth install.  I followed the instructions and watched the progress bar go to the end ... and then it just stayed there.  I waited and waited for over 30 minutes and still the progress bar was completely to the end BUT just stayed there and did nothing.

I finally closed the install program (it was NOT frozen - just inactive and progress bar 'stuck').  I then shut down the 6300 and the transverter and turned off my power supply.  Then I turned power back on and started the 6300 and the transverter.

The 6300 booted up with no visible problems and everything working fine.  No problems - except the update was NOT installed.

I then ran the install for SmartSDR again - and this time it installed OK, quickly, and with no apparent glitches.  SmartSDR 1.5 came up and runs great.  All modes working (Though I had NOT installed DStar yet) and saw no problems at all.

Then I went ahead and installed the DStar waveform and the DStar Dongle according to the instructions. 

DStar now shows up as a mode!!  I try the mode and it seems to work OK - though I am a REAL newbie on DStar.

I worked 5 or 6 stations on DStar on the closest DStar repeater and got good reports.  I even worked a station on 40mtr (DV direct) in Missouri.

The problem is when I set the 6300 up on a repeater or simplex - I don't see the same panadapter signal that I see on the VERY helpful K6OZY youtube DStar video.

I set my freq to local DStar repeater on 145.27 in DStar mode with correct settings and split and I see the bandpass filter - it displays ONLY on the panadapter on the right side like an upper sideband signal.  And when the  repeater comes on - it is 2.4khz LOW, mostly outside the panadapter filter to the left.   If I set my freq so the signal is completely inside the filter it THEN starts decoding and I hear the stations on the repeater fine AND they hear me.  But my freq is now 145.267.400.  And the filter and signal is all on the right side of the center marker - like a upper sideband filter would look like.

The K6OZY video shows his signals in DStar mode with the filter on BOTH sides of the center marker (like an AM signal would display).

All the other modes in my 6300 display correctly.  NFM,DFM,AM,SSB, DIGU,DIGL, etc.  And all others modes show the signals on the frequency it should be.  No problem with frequency calibration.

I have NOT tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DStar waveform.  Before I so that, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on what might be the best thing to try or do.


---Gary WB8ROL


  • K6OZY
    K6OZY Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Hi Gary,

    I can't help you on the transverter setup since I'm using a 6700.  Perhaps someone can chime in if there is a configuration issue there.   As far as the transmission envelop, it should look like FM and be present on both sides of the tuned frequency.   You could try reinstalling it and testing transmit on 6M or another HF band first to make sure the transmission looks proper.

    I hope you figure it out!

  • Gary L. Robinson
    Gary L. Robinson Member ✭✭
    edited February 2016
    I just figured it out!!!!!!!!!!   And I feel **** for not finding it earlier.  I am using an add on program of my own (SmartSDR API).  It has all sorts of controls on it the way I want them - been using it for months now.  No problems.  But I turned it off and all is well!!!!  
    One control I have is to set the TX and RX filters according to the mode selected.  Since my app has NOT been changed to recognize the DStar add on mode it was setting the RX filter to 8000 - NOT 4800 which it needs to be set on.

    The problem is of my own making (though it had nothing to do with the initial shakey install hihi).

    Anyhow, NOW it is displaying perfectly in DStar and I will rework my app so it won't cause a problem.  I may need to check and see if their is new API on the programming wiki.

    BTW, your DStar video was FANTASTIC!!  It really helped a lot to get me kick started into DStar operation without making too many mistakes hihi.

    ---Gary WB8ROL

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