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power supply current Variation over time ?

Marc Lalonde
Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
edited October 2019 in FLEX-6000 Signature Series

i notice something on my 6500  on fresh power-up  Radio in idle RX  take  ~4A

after  2 - 3 day on normal operation it Start to increase to reach up to 10A  and remain to 10A

also i notice that on TX on 6M current was way over the specified 23A to reach near 35Amp

so did other have note similar Thing ??  

73 Marc  VE2OLM


  • Greg - K5GJ
    Greg - K5GJ Member ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Marc: I would be worried about seeing 35A on 6m.  That kind of current usually indicates a significant RF mismatch in the PA section.  I would try the following:

    1. Transmit into a dummy load that is good for 50MHz. 
    2. Adjust your output power (TX) while noting the ammeter on your power supply.

    There is an internal fuse at 30A in the radio so I'm also suspicious you may be getting RF into your power supply metering circuit.  

    If it doesn't look right, I would suggest you open a helpdesk ticket and let the folks at Flex take a look at your rig.

    Have a good weekend!
    Greg - K5GJ

  • Marc Lalonde
    Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
    edited July 2015

    just validate and on dummy load still take around 35A   on TX whatever the band

    i take measure from my Astron RS-35M Meter ,not have a clamp meter that haled 30A

    but that the idea to ask here for see if i need to put hand on decent current meter or it normal 

    i not think i pick up RF in shack ,  radio was Gronded whit 1" copper strap that go to 3 x 10 feet ground ROD

    Best 73 Marc VE2OLM
  • Mike NN9DD
    Mike NN9DD Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I don't see anything like that on mine. Do you have anything else drawing current on that power supply that might be drawing current during key down. I.e... Tuner or something else . I agree with Greg that's a lot of current for what you are doing. I'd be making the help desk call for piece of mind if nothing else Mike N9DFD
  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited March 2017
    Greg is correct, this is not normal behavior.

    I have changed this post to a problem topic and converted this topic to a support HelpDesk ticket (http://helpdesk.flexradio.com) for expedited issue resolution.  If anyone else is experiencing an issue similar to this one, please submit a HelpDesk support ticket for issue resolution.
  • W7NGA
    W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    The metering on your power supply is highly suspicious. Use a good ammeter and reevaluate.
  • Marc Lalonde
    Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Hi TIm  

    Did it about TX current or the increase of idel current  ?

    since in TX i may have doubt on the meter but on RX that puzzle me 

    Best regard

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