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Which is the correct required firmware version?

Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
edited January 27 in SmartSDR API
This is a question targeted ideally to Eric, or Steve if you need a break from setting up.
I found something peculiar.
I updated my radio via SSDR for Windows. All appears good. Yet,
FirmwareRequiredVersion.cs specifies, which is actually lower than the comment on that line specifying and during Discovery the version returning is This causes the software to mark the radio as needing an upgrade under setVersion in Radio.cs

By way of clarification. In the Windows Radios Listbox my radio appears with a status of "Available" In tracing through the code with the 1.4.11 source, it is in a "Update" status.

Is the shipped FirmwareRequiredVersion.cs not the current one? Shouldn't the Required firmware version in FirmwareRequiredVersion.cs be 1.4.11?

Am I missing something?


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  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited January 27
    apparently editing a thread doesn't repost it.
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
    with total indifference to Burt, Bump.
  • Abed - AB5EDAbed - AB5ED Inactive Employee
    edited December 2016
    The required firmware version is updated by our automated build process. Since this number constantly changes on a daily basis internally, and because this number is only useful for software updates that we send out, we don't keep this file updated.
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
    Ah, Thank you Abed.
    The version I have from the 1.4.11 software bundle still has 1.3.15
    In Radio:setVersion:292:
    if (_version != _req_version)
        _updateRequired = true;
    _req_version is FirmwareRequiredVersion.RequiredVersion

    setVersion is called in Radio:654 in the full, not default, ctor as the radio version is passed in from the VitaDiscoveryPacket.

    The above check is not done in the setter only if it is a development build.
    What the VitaDisoveryPacket passes in is 0x1040b000...
    This, then, is how I am seeing the issue.
    Is my interpretation of what Radio.cs is doing in error?

    Walt - kz1f
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
    this is weird, my last update didn't register as one...as it still shows the last activity being from Abed.

    I'll update my FirmwareRequiredVersion but I still don't understand how the c# version doesn't fail the same way. Those code references are in your code.
  • Abed - AB5EDAbed - AB5ED Inactive Employee
    edited December 2016
    Walt, you are correct. We should really be updating the version to match whenever we release a new version of FlexLib. The FlexLib.dll is compiled with the correct matched version, which is probably why others don't have an issue. We'll update the source and make it available. Thanks!
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
    Tim, would you instruct this individual to end the personal attacks or leave the BB?
  • edited May 2015
    Bert, I don't know what your beef against Walt is, but I think this is becoming silly. Using "bump" or TTT (To The Top) is a very common way on some forums to keep a Topic on the first page in order to get help or answers. Otherwise, someone who does not visit the forum often, but may be able to answer a question or offer guidance, may never see the post. That helps everyone. Not just the author of a particular topic. I sometimes just re-ask my question in the same post cor that same reason. As for Walt contributing, have you not been reading his posts to William an others? He offers a TON of information and help in areas where it is obvious to me, that he is extremely knowledgable. So, that statement from you is false. I like you Bert and watch your videos on youtube. Especially those about Frostfest. But, your comments seem way out of line about Walt. James WD5GWY
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited November 2016
    I am trying VERY hard not to stoop to your level. You were never 'threatened'. I will defer to the management of FlexRadioSystems to deal with you. In my opinion, I have never seen a post, bar the 'get a license then we'll discuss 6000 series (which I agreed with) that added any value. You snipe at people, you are consistently rude and now you've made this personal. As far as I am concerned you should be barred from this board.
    !) it is NOT your place to pass judgement on other's questions.
    2) it is NOT your place to pass judgement on what one does when their question when, due to the sheer volume of obsequious posts falls to the bottom of a second or third page. The one I just bumped has lingered unreplied to for a week. This is NOT cutting in front of others
    3) it is NOT your place to make snide personal attacks in someone else's question, comment or problem.
    4) if you can't add value just don't respond.
    5) As far as I am concerned, you don't exist.
    6) It is my sincerest hope that as far as you are concerned I don't exist. Therefore I should NEVER expect to see some personal attack or other snide-assed remark from you in ANY of my threads. There is no question I ever anticipate having where you are capable of providing an answer.

    Again, this is not the first time the 'quality' of your ruminations has or will come to the attention of Flex management.

  • KY6LA_HowardKY6LA_Howard La Jolla, CA. Paris and Sablet FranceMember ✭✭✭
    edited May 2015

    You just earned another 10 points toward the 2015 Curmudgeon of the Year Award at Dayton 2016.  You are still running far behind my contest partner in crime and perennial winner of the award Dennis N6KI.  But who knows, Dennis now wants to try a Maestro and a Flex SO2R box for CQWWDX so perhaps he is leaving you an opening to sneak past him to the podium...
  • Walt - KZ1FWalt - KZ1F Member
    edited March 2017
    Tim, this can be marked as answered
  • Tim - W4TMETim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited December 2016

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