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API enhancement: flags to set SSDR display properties and tags

Asher - K0AU
Asher - K0AU Member ✭✭
edited March 2020 in New Ideas
With inspiration from William Henningen and others about Midi control surfaces and some help from James WD5GWY to get started with Visual Studio am making decent progress with a control app for a Behringer CMD Micro that's DXing task-specific.  The FlexLib .net API works great!

General concept is to create a "Main Transceiver" on slices A/B (because that's what the loggers know and love) with single button control over mode-specific splits.  Left jog dial and associated buttons control the "Main Transceiver".  (BTW, only took three lines of code to "do the right thing" and choose USB or LSB by band with an "SSB" command.)

Then I create a "virtual multiband subreceiver".  I can create and control pans and slices to monitor other activity using the right jog dial and buttons.  Problem is I can't see which pan and slice are the focus for the subreceiver - workaround is to "wobble" the focus pan by bumping the center frequency.

Early version lets me work split DX without taking my hand off the control surface and with mouse focus staying on the logger.  Will post code after I refactor the classes and add some error handling.

I'm not trying to replace SSDR, just build something that plays nicely alongside SSDR.

API enhancement request idea: would be really nice if I could set a few slice display properties that SSDR would watch and set.  For example set the mast color, hide/show the flag, even add a possible text label.  Then I could tag the subreceiver slices and highlight the subreceiver "focus" slice and pan.

API might look something like:

_slice.SSDR.Mast.Color = color;
_slice.SSDR.Mast.Line = {"solid", "dashed", "dotted"}
_slice.SSDR.Mast.FlagDisplayed = {true, false}
_slice.SSDR.Mast.Tag = "text"'

_pan.SSDR.Tag = "text"
_pan.SSDR.TagAt(freq) = "text"  //   inject spots on the pan below the noise floor

SSDR could have a default setting that it WON'T listen to these API tags so we'd need to click a configuration button to enable the feature if Steve thinks this API could lead to confusion.

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  • Asher - K0AU
    Asher - K0AU Member ✭✭
    edited March 2020
    sorry - title should be API enhancement request...

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