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From a software update licensing perspective....

From a licensing perspective will future "purchased" software updates be tied to the person or the radio ? If I sell my 6300 to purchase a 6700 can I use my purchased software updates to update the new radio ? Will I have to supply my 6300 with the  "default" last non paid version ?  

Will there be a software protection method that enforces any such rules ? What happens if versions of software updates are missed, does the price become more expensive to "catchup" as time shifts to the right ?

Will the hardware road map include a hard end of life which will need the purchase of a new radio or component upgrade, before the latest software revision can be supported?



  • Dave -- W7IWW
    Dave -- W7IWW Member ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Great questions.  Will be interested in seeing replies.

  • Dan -- KC4GO
    Dan -- KC4GO Member
    edited March 2018
    I don't have an answer to the first part but FRS states if you buy a new radio you will get the latest software. With that in mind if you purchase 2.0 after it comes out for your 6300. Then buy a 6700 it should come with 2.0

    As for the catch up Greg from Flex stated at the Orlando Hamcation Flex 101 that you could skip a whole version and go from 1.x to 3.x and skip all the 2.x versions if you wished. I'm sure that there would be something in the 2.x that I want. It and it's point releases will not be all about remote operations. But as I understood it you could skip a complete point release and only pay for the release that was current. 

    Every thing has an end of life. The incandescent light is on it's way and we are being forced to the LED or Compact Florescent (there are places where I don't like the choice) Oh and what about vacuum tubes the only new ones are not from the US and with the Russian economy the way it is the price of their tubes will be going UP or they will quit making them.  How many things in your home/ham shack have reached a point where they are not produced and not supported. I have quite a few. The list below has many of them.
    Staying in the electronics area: 
    Tube TV's
    Analog TV's
    cassettes tape
    reel to reel tape
    Almost 33 1/3
    Heath Kit
    AEA Ham products
    VHS tape
    Beta Tape
    and a bunch of ICOM, Yeasu & Kenwood radios (I own some of those as well)
    Just my thoughts not FRS

    Dan --- KC4GO  
  • Rob N4GA
    Rob N4GA Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Those are good Qs and here's another one, how is the license secured?

    Is there a license file that activates it to a particular radio MAC address for example?

    Something in the radio firmware that says this rig can only run 2.x?

  • Jay Nation
    Jay Nation Member ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    To the purchaser of the radio. Who might be able to pass it along to the next purchaser on a CD. Or, it might be tied to the serial number of the radio. Just total guesses on my part. Possibly freely downloadable, but with a click here to register once installed. maybe it would be tied to the MAC address of the radio. I never bothered to wonder about it before. you got the V1.0 releases for free, Somebody will have to pay for V 2.0 releaes but I but they won't make anyone pay twice if they have a receipt or a transaction # or valid key. I think verified online purchases are a known technology I only ever payed for VAC once and never had to pay again. Surely Flexradio can figure something out.  

    Jay - NO5J
  • Keith Richards
    edited February 2015
    Dan et al - thanks for your thoughts.

    I may be wrong but I kind of see major revisions as being "a roll up" with all enhancements and fixes perpetually inclusive -  such as a "Microsoft Service Pack" for Windows. All bug fixes and functionality from v1.4.xx will roll into the following v1.5 etc ..

    I wouldn't think FRS will have different versions with different functionality, but maybe  some major functionality "features" could be split up and sold as separate modules - kind of like an "App Store" of options with a solid base OS build. We could then purchase the features we wanted on top of a regular "vanilla"  OS build subscription. Maybe that would be too complicated ?

    I understand everything becomes legacy sooner rather than later - working in IT for the last 25 years has taught me that ! I'll be one of the first in the queue for the latest hardware platform as and when it arrives - lets hope the next generation Flex is already on the drawing board :o)

    By the way if any body out there has any ideas - would really like some 19 inch rack ears for the 6300 :o). Nice if  FRS manufacture a 1u or 2u case option - would be a big hit especially as more an more units will be installed in back room garage racks along with the home router etc !


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