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Configure RTTY Skimmer 1.0 with SDR Bridge and Flex6000 Series

Martin Member
edited April 2022 in Third-Party Software


trying configure RTTY Skimmer 1.0  (in the "RttySkimServ.ini") with SDR Bridge and Flex6700 in the"RttySkimServ.ini" .

The RTTY Skimmer "Ini" expectes some stuff like the name of the Flexradio defined in the flex driver DLL. But could not find it.

Had sombody success with the configuration and can help me ? Perhaps somebody can post the configuration in this board



  • jim.hradio
    jim.hradio Member
    edited February 2015
    Same question; sdr-bridge runs fine with cw skimmer, but cant get rtty skimmer to see more than the QuickSilver... how to hook the 6700 to rtty skimmer??
  • Martin
    Martin Member
    edited February 2015
    Hello, With the help of Ed we could fix it. I write a summery in the evening in this forum. Martin
  • Martin
    Martin Member
    edited February 2015


    got from ED W2RF the info that he will be releasing SDR-Bridge 1.1 in a few days which includes the new driver and installs it automatically for both Skimmer and Rtty Server.
    Also the existing beta of 1.0 is not compatible with the upcoming SmartSDR 1.4, and expires February 25th, so all users will need to download the new one.
    So it is a good idea to wait for his release.

    However if anybody want to know what is the actual procedure, see following

    On RTTYSkimmer side:

    • the configuration on the RTTY Skimer side is well described in the docu
    • I changed the device name and used the 96kHz sample rate in the "RttySkimServ.txt"
      • "DeviceName=01 FLEX-6700
      • ;0=40kHz 1=96kHz 2=192kHz
      • Rate=1"
    • Open the Flexradio side the DAX Control Panel and fit the sample rate to "96000" for the used (max.4) IQ streams
    On SDR-Bridge and SmartSDR side (info from Ed W2RF):
    • catch from Ed W2RF the new SDR-Bridge Skimmer Server driver "FApiSkSrv.dll" (old one has a bug)
    • manually copy SDR-Bridge drivers from the Skimmer Server directory to the RTTY Skimmer Server directory, replace the old "FApiSkSrv.dll" with the new one
    • Restart the radio.
    • Reboot the computer.
    • Open DAX IQ and make sure that none of the channel indicators are blue, DAX IQ sometimes won’t let go of channels. Open the panel and make sure none of the indicators are blue.
    • Do not open SDR-Bridge
    • Open SmartSDR
    • Create two panadapters.
    • Delete their slices.
    • Assign each to a DAX IQ channel, one to 1 and the other to 2,
    • Navigate to the RttySkimSrvr directory.
    • Double click the program name to start it.

    It should be working at this point, take control of the two panadapters, and start skimming.

    • with "telnet localhost 7300" (with a command window) open the telnet port
    • "SKIMMER/SDR" gives still the wrong driver names (stuff like QS1R and SDR Bridge v0.7.0), perhaps misstake in RTTYSkimmer or SDR Bridge and should be fixed in later version.
    • "sh/dx" showing the spots

    Martin DL2MSA

  • Ed - W2RF
    Ed - W2RF Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    In preparation for the new release of SDR-Bridge, I've been testing both CW and RTTY Skimmer Servers. Drivers for the servers are included with the Bridge installation. With the current versions it is important to follow these guidelines
    • For each receiver the servers are configured for, there needs to be a DAX IQ channel assigned to a panadapter.
    • In CW Skimmer Server, the number of receivers is configured on the Skimmer tab.
    • In RTTY Skimmer Server the number of receivers is configured by the SegmentSel96 setting in the INI file. To edit the INI file, press EDIT on the server control panel. For detailed instructions see the RTTY Skimmer help file.
    • The DAX IQ channels must be assigned from channel 4 downwards. So for two server receivers, the channels would be 4 and 3.
    • The DAX IQ channels must not be active (blue) in the DAX control panel. They should be off (gray).
    • Both CW and RTTY Server should be restarted after configuration change.
    • These instructions apply to the drivers automatically installed with the download from the QRV Systems website at http://www.qrv.com/sdrbridge.html.
    • The current server driver has a bug. If you need an updated copy, please contact me.
    • The current install is for Skimmer Server only. If you want to use RTTY Skimmer Server, follow Martin's instructions in the previous message.
    • The new version which is in alpha test and planned for release soon will be compatible with these instructions, but may be more flexible. The RTTY Server driver will be installed automatically. I'm currently looking into other improvements.
    • Of course none of this applies in any way to the SDR-Bridge desktop app. And it only applies to Skimmer servers, not the CW Skimmer desktop app.
    • Finally, if you have checked all of the above, can start the skimmer, and don't see any decoding, power cycle the radio.
    73 Ed W2RF

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