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Memories / Markers on PAN Adapter

David-N5PSM Member ✭✭
edited August 2018 in New Ideas

To satisfy the desire for Memories and Band Markers I suggest that A vertical line on the pan like the one to mark the center frequency of the receiver.  The user can create one and there is a unique name and color given to each one by the user and there is a small block of text for a description that would appear when the mouse is over it. The user could also select the color of the line & name.  The list of Markers could be brought up also from a menu for QSY and imported/exported as an CSV file. the list would be in order of assigned frequency. No memory number would be necessary. When the list of markers is exported, the user can manipulate,share and save them as desired.  The record would be Frequency/name/color/description.  If the list is imported, the user can choose between overwrite, merge, or replace for the list that is currently in the SDR. The user can also delete by name wildcard and/or color.  The unique names should be limited to about 12 characters to keep from cluttering the screen and to also allow special lists to be manipulated such as for contesting.

colors and a couple of characters in the process can do a great job across the board to group frequency ranges and mark zones/edges/limits

Future of this idea?...might even see a automated marker pop up from a dx cluster software???  or even the other way.....you se a marker to a certain color and it automatically goes to the cluster from your cat?

Lets see some likes on this one!    73 N5PSM


  • Gary Wise
    Gary Wise Member ✭✭
    edited September 2015

    I used my 6500 in the CQWW SSB contest this weekend. There were a couple times that I wished to be able to mark a frequency so I could come back to it later. Your idea is what I was looking for!


    Gary - W8EEY

  • David-N5PSM
    David-N5PSM Member ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    I am really hoping Flex radio takes this seriously.  It is the right way to go for the issue of memories on a slice radio.  It can even be exotic if they want.  Can you imagine the response when the marking of DX Cluster spots gets automatically uploaded and a user can setup the band areas for a contest as well as markers for his/her favorite rag chew or net?  I have been dealing with the evolution of GUI industrial interfaces since before they were known, so I can see this one in my mind clearly.  Thanks for the 'LIKE'  (Spread it!) 73 N5PSM

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