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6500 remote operation using dax and Teamviewer

Lee Member
edited June 2020 in SmartSDR for Windows
Tried using the 6500, DAX, and Teamviewer using VoIP remote from Utah to my home QTH.
Latest SSDR version.
Home and Utah QTH's have pretty darn good internet connections.

Didn't work so well (Yes, I know it is not officially reported to use DAX remote with SSB phone)

It does work, but the screen refresh is super slow and the audio both ways is very poor.

Has anyone been successful with this kind of setup?
Has anyone used ANOTHER setup to make this work well?

Any suggestions at all is appreciated as I am traveling lots right now & TV is getting BORING!



  • KY6LA_Howard
    KY6LA_Howard Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Suggest you search iPad on this community... I have detailed instructions on how I use iPad remote.

    It works great even on 3G phone connections

    So far I have remoted from 17 countries...
  • K6OZY
    K6OZY Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
    You may want to play with RemoteHams.   I have had my 6700 enabled on there for a few days and people have been using it quite successfully.   I also asked them about a native SmartSDR driver and if they would write it using FlexLib API.   http://www.remotehams.com/map.html  (check arizona)
  • Lee
    Lee Member
    edited June 2019

    Sorry, I do not do iPads...just W7



  • Lee
    Lee Member
    edited June 2019
    A little update,,,Last night I installed Skype on both the host & remote PC.
    So I tried using Skype for audio & the Teamviwere for video.
    After a short test session, it seems the audio is MUCH better using Skype than VoiP on Teamviewer. I did not make any contacts, just listened so that is still a ?? as to XMIT.

    This Week end I will test a lot more as I am off work at the customer here in Utah.
    Also, I would like to know if there is a better remote control SW than Teamviewer for this application as I do not think Teamvier likes the high speed vidio updates from the 6500???

  • W5XZ - dan
    W5XZ - dan Member ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    I'm no Apple fan either, myself...FWIW

    perhaps, to my detriment? for now? so be it, I suppose..

    73, w5xz, dan

  • W5XZ - dan
    W5XZ - dan Member ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Some time back, i had fair luck Splashtop, though i think their terms have changed. Perhaps some other sort of remote desktop across the internet would play, for now? I THINK Chrome has a remote desktop, even...

    73, w5xz, dan

  • ik2egl
    ik2egl Member ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    Skype is good but it uses too  much band network.
    you can try also RemAud :: Remote Audio Software  by DF3CB which used less band as is  a Voice over IP (VoIP) application primarily designed for two-way amateur radio .
    I tried it with flex5000 succesfully

  • ik2egl
    ik2egl Member ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    that's good even if you - actually- wont have the panadapter functionality.

  • Lee
    Lee Member
    edited June 2020


    Working better...I now slide the waterfall display DOWN all the way to go away...then the whole thing works much better. Also, slide the average on the panadapter all the way to right AND reduce the frame rate.

    I also tried lowering the spectrum display all the way down as to not see it at all...seems to help a little more.

    Had many successful contacts on 40 last night. I will be around 7138 today and tonight. Some good audio reports some said it was a little choppy.

    Occationally it still disconnects teamviewer and/or Skype, but re-connects soon after. Seems sometimes after that the audio is either better or worse.



  • Ken - NM9P
    Ken - NM9P Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    You sounded pretty good last night, Lee, until the internet bugged out on you. It was great to hear you work the SM0 from the remote, too! 
  • Ruediger Kolb
    Ruediger Kolb Member
    edited July 2014
    I´m using instead of Skype the Express Talk software.
    For remote desktop viewing I used the VNC Server / Viewer.
    With both software I did some mobile QSO´s.
    The latency should be low in remote operation and with both softwares its fair to use it.
    It´s a pain, that the SmartSDR could not be used outside the local IP range due to broadcasting for software startup handling.
    For mobile operation I´m using 2 GSM channels (1 for Audio, 1 for RemoteDesktop).
    To reduce the total data transfer, you should disable the waterfall...

    Rudy, DH1RK
  • Ric KV1W
    Ric KV1W Member
    edited March 2017

    Hello All "Remoters",

    I have a good working setup as follows:

    I use the RemoteRig hardware boxes over the internet for audio both ways, PTT and CW Key.
    These work very well with no problems for these functions
    For the GUI for SmartSDR as well as Writelog I have used both VNC and LogMeIn.

    It appears that LogMeIn uses less bandwidth and therefore jitters less. Now the jitter is only in the GUI and hasn't had any effect on the audio either way. Although multi panadapters using waterfalls will produce effects on receive audio; I have had no transmit audio complaints.

    I have run up against 2 limitations:
         first, the local CPU with the radio does too much graphics, I need either a good video card or new computer or both. It is a Core2Duo @ 2.3 GHz, no slouch, but not up to all the work.
         second,  the internet at the radio end is limited to 2 Mbps upload by the cable folks, this can become a limit also

    I am looking forward to Flex releasing a full remote capability so I can reduce hardware and I hope they can use less network bandwidth, but I am not familiar with their architecture so I can't comment.

    Hope this info is useful to other users. Let me know if you have questions.

    The 6500 is the best radio I have ever owned. I only wish I had the amplifiers and antennas I had in the previous QTH. I am barefoot with a 30' flagpole, on the ocean in southern Maine with excellent shot to Europe, but that is another story !

    73 to all,
    Ric KV1W

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