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suggestion after 2 week of use ..

Marc Lalonde
Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
edited June 2019 in New Ideas
6500 suggestion after 2 week of use ..

Flex 6500 whish list ...
1-) Tuner "ATU"  if susess on TX slice keep it ON if change mode ,or "play" whit other RX slice 
2-) Fix Lan crash if run > 6 -10 hour  (symptom waterfall look normal ,but DAX and CAT not longer work)
3-) Tuner "ATU" put memory on it ,if tune back to knot frequency use stored parameter ,if SWR still > 1.5 Start autotune cycle 
4-) Tuner , wly no auto enable it anytime swr > 1.5 ?
5-) clarification on tuner power handling for digital mode ,most add-on tuner was 100W SSB but only 40W digital  ,so i assume i may similar for internal 6500 tuner ? or it handle full 100W 100% duty clycle ?  

even whit lot of JT65 PA fan nerver start , on my ANAN-100D after 3 QSO Radio was to hot ...

so even if tuner still need to be improve ,radio was fantastic 
in 2 week i worked 27 DXCC zone (PSK63 / JT65A) 

Best 73! Marc  VE2OLM


  • W4NTG
    W4NTG Member
    edited November 2017
    30 watts is maximum effective indicated power level for a 100 watt radio without distorting the waveform
  • Al K0VM
    Al K0VM Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
       The maximum indicated power for a 100 watt radio without distortion of the wave form depends on the wave form.. RTTY is NOT distorted at the 100 watt level, neiter is FM.. But a coplex wave form such as digital voice, DDSTV, etc. ( multi-carrier waveforms) may be distorted even with 30 watts indicated.  It depends on the Peak to average ratio of the waveform .. The Flex meter gives an AVERAGE reading. of the waveform.

    AL, K0VM
  • W9OY
    W9OY Member ✭✭
    edited June 2014
    You can look at your waveform in the waterfall and the panadapter.  Turn on settings > transmit > show tx in waterfall.  Between the two you can see if your signal is clean

    73  W9OY
  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Regarding #2 - make sure your PC power settings and LAN card are configured to NOT "sleep." Many devices are powered down to conserve power after periods of user inactivity - this may be what you're experiencing. With a good cable, you shouldn't have any problem maintaining a LAN connection as long as there aren't any other LAN issues (RF, noise, etc.). Welcome aboard!

  • Marc Lalonde
    Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Yup i like option  Waterfall in TX , and for sure PSK31 need no more that 30W
    but it have other mode that may work whit more power 
  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    And #5 - you should be able to go "brick on the key" (within reason) at 100% power. Did it once accidentally and other than the fans kicking in, the Flex seemed to take it in stride. These rigs are very well built with conservative design. With a matched load, they deliver just fine. In JT modes, I have never had the fans kick to high except when I was on the wrong antenna without using the ATU. In the heat of RTTY activity at higher power - same story. All good.


  • Marc Lalonde
    Marc Lalonde Member ✭✭
    edited July 2015

    it not a PC or LAN issue i operate radio (Field-day)
    and happen twice in 12-14 hour period that PTT via CAT stop working and or DAX stop working 

    have no sleep setting on PC or even screensaver 
    i let radio work all night for PSKspotter but every morning it have lost LAN

    that may due to radio operate as DHCP server and on another LAN segment from my Current LAN , have need direct connect for firmware update
    may add to my wish List  a fixed IP address  form front panel key ...

    Marc VE2OLM

  • W5XZ - dan
    W5XZ - dan Member ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    bon travail, Marc; d'accord...

    73, w5xz, dan

  • Jon_KF2E
    Jon_KF2E Member ✭✭
    edited June 2014
    DHCP lease time is configurable in most routers. I've seen several that have a default of 8 hours.

    I would guess the ability to manually define an IP address will come with remote operation.


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