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4k (UHD) display resolution (3840x2160) and SSDR expirience ?

EMIL-DL8JJ Member ✭✭
edited April 2019 in SmartSDR for Windows


Does anyone have experience with the new generation of 4K (28 zoll) displays and SSDR?
Of course with appropriate GC and DP for max (3840x2160) & 60 Hz

I am interested about the performaces and the presentation when all 8 PA running.

How high is the max (or recommendet)  support the SSDR display resolution?

Thanks in advance.
Emil, de DL8JJ


  • Steve-N5AC
    Steve-N5AC Community Manager admin
    edited February 2017
    Emil, we designed the display code to work up to 4096 pixels wide (as I remember -- it might have been 8192 pixels).  The displays claiming to be 4k are either 3840 or 4096 wide.  Either way, your max panadapter width should be something less than this because of display borders, panels, etc. so you should be fine.  If you are running 8 panadapters, you would be at half of whatever was left over also.  Having said all this, we have not tried to run on a monitor larger than 2560 x 1440, but it worked great on this monitor.  
    EMIL-DL8JJ Member ✭✭
    edited June 2014

    Thanks Steve!


    cu soon HAM Radio Friedrichshafen


  • W1RE
    W1RE Member
    edited October 2018

    I am running a 4K UHD Asus PQ321Q. It works great. Be sure your video card has a Display Port interface if you want to use the monitor as one large screen - otherwise you will have four separate screen segments which is not ideal IMO.

    I am running a resolution of 3840x2160!

    I have SSDR running on a 6700 with 8 Pan Adapters, 8 Slices, and 4 IQ DAX stream at 96000 bps feeding SDR Bridge with 4 skimmers and still have room for logging tools and the like.

    It's great and highly recommended.

     - Bob, W1RE

  • Eric W1NEJ
    Eric W1NEJ Member ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    I am running a new 4K UHD monitor, and SmartSDR is stunningly well defined.  

    However, I have one issue: when I click on the Network icon, the text box that comes up looks terrible. Other text boxes are also not that great, but not as bad as the Network box.  Here is my setup:

    * Flex 6300 running 1.4.3

    * Windows 7 64 bit

    * i5 CPU 2.67 GHz

    * Ram 10 GB

    * ASUS PB287Q 28 inch 4K monitor configured with:
         3840 x 2168 resolution
         60Hz refresh rate
         True Color 32 bit
         Display port set to version 1.2

    * EVGA GeForce GTX960 (4 GB version) video card connected with display port

    Attached is a screen shot of what I am seeing.  I was thinking this might be a Windows problem, but note the two small windows for my Elecraft amp and and tuner look fine,

    Any ideas?


  • Eric W1NEJ
    Eric W1NEJ Member ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    I fixed it!

    After I posted my question, I poked around the display settings, and here is how they are now set:

    I set the size of the text to a custom setting of 167%.

    Then I went to the Clear Type Text Tuner and went through the process to choose the clearest text images.

    All these settings can be accessed by right clicking on the desktop, and selecting Personalize.  Once selected, click on Display near the lower right hand part of the Personalize window.

    So, it is possible to have decent size text with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.  If you look at the images below, this is how text looks on my display with these settings (to really appreciate it, you have to click on the image to open it):



    Of course, unless you are looking at these on a 4K monitor, you will not get the same resolution that I see.  The point is, with some tuning it is possible to have decent size text with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.  Compare this with the image I originally posted.

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