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Pressing the Big Red Button ---> DAX Was Easy!

Jim Bryce W5HFS
Jim Bryce W5HFS Member ✭✭
edited November 2018 in SmartSDR for Windows
I've waited for 1.1 to try DAX for the digital modes. With some trepidation I disconnect my SignaLink USB and quickly read the page or so of instructions in the 1.1 manual. All this time my HRD DigitalMaster 780 is running pumping out several streams of PSK31 in its SuperSweeper. Of course when I disconnect the SignaLink all that stops. I select DAX in the receiver slice and prepare myself for the agony of reconfiguring DigitalMaster. Wait? What? The SuperSweeper displays the streams as if the SignaLink were still there! A quick check shows DigitalMaster had just reconfigured itself to DAX! Set the right transmit window to DAX and VOX; test transmission; DONE! THAT WAS DAX EASY!!! Thanks, Flex, for easiest digital setup I've ever experienced.


  • Carl/K5HK
    Carl/K5HK Member ✭✭
    edited November 2018

    Is the DM780 you use a purchased or the old free version?   I suspect it would be good to purchase a new one here at any rate as improvements have undoubtedly been made.  I really liked dm780 with my rigblaster pro setup on knob radios but not tried digital on powersdr or smartsdr machines yet.  Your thoughts?   73, Carl /K5HK
  • Jim Bryce W5HFS
    Jim Bryce W5HFS Member ✭✭
    edited July 2016
    I purchased and am using the latest version of DM780, that came as part of the HRD package with the same version number. The purchased version is well worth the money. The small cost for this excellent software should be no issue at all; after all the radio costs about 75 times the $100 cost of the HRD software. By the way I just checked the HRD site and found the 6.2 version went live for preview two days ago, 6 February. When I'm using HRD/DM780 in my most minimal computer setup ($300 Lenovo Q150 TV computer) with HRD running it works amazingly well. With such a small computer I find it helpful to play a bit with the priority settings for the various processes, especially DM780 that I run at high priority.This latest version of the HRD suite has selections for both PowerSDR and SmartSDR. Selecting SmartSDR, of course, for my 6700 sets it all up. It took a little working with the serial port allocation settings, but that was maybe 15 minutes. I'm new to all the computerized logging etc., but I'm learning very fast, and the 6700 makes it an exciting experience. I decided to spring for this most advanced radio in the world after finding myself totally enamored of my Flex 1500 QRP rig. While I've enjoyed working with my Collins and other classic radios, the FlexRadios, especially the 6700, propelled me into the future. I'm glad I made the leap of faith (Kierkegaard would do the same.).
  • Carl/K5HK
    Carl/K5HK Member ✭✭
    edited August 2014
    Thanks for you comments Jim.  Earlier version of HRD I didn't really like but was amazed with DM780 performance for psk31 in particular.  

    Yes, $100 no big deal there really.  I suspect the HDR logging feature now can be setup to automatically upload to LOTW as well and probably do a lot of dxcc/IOTA, etc tracking/needs and wants as well.   Glad to hear they have setup for PowerSDR and SmartSDR.  I bought a Flex 1500 about 3 years ago at Visalia International DX Convention and by year end had bought a 3K.   I now also have one of the signature 6500s delivered in July 2013 and what great radios which gets better and better with each version release.   

    Again thanks for your feedback Jim.

    Carl / K5HK
  • KM6CQ - Dan
    KM6CQ - Dan Member ✭✭
    edited July 2014
    I found the same thing. DM780 was already configured when I bought it up, and I am running DDUTIL. And it worked!
    Good job done by all!!

    Dan KM6CQ

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