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DAX Suggestions

Drax Member
edited August 2016 in New Ideas
As a 100% digital mode operator SmartSDR feels a bit clumsy to me. Please use or ignore these suggestions: 1. When opening a new slice have it assign the next available DAX channel to it automatically and also default to DIGU with a 3 kHz filter. Digi modes are rarely not done in USB. I'm spending a lot of time configuring these things over and over. 2. Make the panadapter or slice that's currently transmitting turn a different color or something to indicate that it's transmitting. or do #3.. 3. Have the RF Power / SWR indicator tell me which panadapter it's talking about by making the background of the panadapter literally say "30 watts, SWR 1.5" opaquely rather than emulating an analog meter. The existing one is scaled weird for digital modes where I'm interested in more precision between 0 and 50 rather than interpolating between 0, 40, and 80 on an analog style scale. 4. Let me hide the VOX, Delay, and % AM Carrier and equalizer when it's irrelevant to the mode. Put the DAX sliders there instead maybe. 5. Auto detect which DAX channel is trying to transmit (think VOX) and then automatically make that slice the transmit slice and that DAX channel the TX channel. Work out a collision avoidance, voting mechanism. Have the ATU auto engage the right antenna and tune it from memory as the hopping occurs. My Signalink USB box doesn't need a virtual serial port to do keying. It hears audio on its channel and it keys the rig based on a delay knob. 6. Let me assign a limiter to the DAX audio power so it doesn't suddenly go screaming over 100 watts if something is mis-configured. I'd like to tell the software to only TX at x number of watts and it just do it rather than having to adjust 8 DAX sliders individually on the air. Then again maybe someone will invent an Fldigi that uses pure IQ rather than emulate sound cards. Dreaming. Inversely the same deal exists with the RX oversaturating the listener software, **I need "ALC" on DAX channels. 7. Why is it that if I only have one slice open on a band and then key a new frequency into the slice, on another band, does the panadapter not re-center on the new band? So I then tell the panadapter to go to the new band, but when I get there the slice frequency I just assigned is now somewhere else on that band and all my DAX setup and mode is gone. The direct frequency entry isn't very cooperative.

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