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Station configurations

GregGreg Member ✭✭
edited June 23 in New Ideas
I thought maybe it would be a good idea if folks described how they have their stations configured (if working correctly). This could help new people setting up their 6000 station for the first time. To start it off, my shack has a GB switch hardwired to the primary router in another building. All my computers, printers and radio are connected to that switch. I use an all-in-one computer to run SSDR and DDutil which outputs the freq info on a USB>serial adapter that is connected to a Microham Stationmaster. This controls the external 2x6 antenna switch and Quadra amplifier. The 2x6 has inputs for two trancievers....these are connected to ANT1 and ANT2 on the 6700. PR781 is connected to the BAL input. WinkeyUSB is connected to the main computer that runs all my logging and contesting software and the output is connected to the front pane key jack. There was a recent update I think that allows you to use the FSK pins on the ACCY connector for CW input and I will probably move the key input there instead. 73 Greg AB7R


  • k0eook0eoo Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Very interesting Greg, Good topic for discussion. I have my 6500/FlexControl Knob, M2 rotor, DX Engineering remote antenna switch (modified to accept BCD parallel port coding), Alpha 87A amp, 3 ele SteppIR, LP-100A watt meter and REA's USB, AM modulation monitor all connected to my shack i5 quad core PC and controlled via DDUtil. The remote antenna switch uses the parallel port while the rotor, SteppIR and watt meter are connected via serial to USB adapters. The REA AM modulation monitor has its own, really nice, software GUI. This is the same setup I used with my 5000A... Oh, I am using the PR781 into the front mic jack and outboard audio processing plugged into the BAL mic input on the back. On AM I'm running MXL condenser mic thru aVX2000 and Texar/Gentner AM broadcast station modulation voice processor.....
  • Ernest - W4EGErnest - W4EG Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Greg, Your idea is very good. I have done that with all my Flex radios. However, I went a bit further and drew a diagrams how each item is hooked with com port numbering etc... Hardware and software shows how they handshake and correspond with each other. I 've received many request from every continent for this and others that I have done. Perhaps, you and others may like to do the same. Not everyone has or knows what a GB switch, Microham Stationmaster, REA or VX2000 is? Words along just doesn't show the picture. My 2 cents worth! -- W4EG --
  • k0eook0eoo Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Really like you diagram Ernest.... Figured if others were interested in what REA or VX2000 were they'd look them up or send me a note. Didn't want to take up too much BW....
  • GregGreg Member ✭✭
    edited October 2013
    Good idea Ernest. I'll put something similar together...or at least a block diagram and post it here as well.
  • Ernest - W4EGErnest - W4EG Member ✭✭
    edited January 2015
    You know that many would not take the time to look them up. 73, W4EG
  • Ken - NM9PKen - NM9P Member ✭✭
    edited June 23
    You guys put mine to shame... 6500 center desk, 1500 to the left. Dual monitors on a two-arm center post hovering over both. Lenovo Ideacentre K410, w/ i3 processor, 6 GB RAM, 1 TB HD, Win 8. Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo. Ameritron Remote Antenna Switch, not automated. Lenape 10 Watt stereo amp with Dayton Audio Bookshelf speakers Lots of Ferrite isolation cores on audio lines. Flex CAT-5 direct to computer. Computer WiFi's to the network in order to reduce or eliminate lightning risk via hard-wire connection to LAN. Heil PR22UT on boom mounted from the right, feeding into the BAL input. No outboard audio rack, but I get wonderful audio reports after lots of tweaking of TX EQ & Compressor. Foot Switch for PTT Bencher paddle Flex Control knob to right of Keyboard. Switching back & forth between 6500 & 1500 works. Running DDUtil 3 to send logging info to ACLog 4.2 on the Lenovo Computer, and to "****" the 1500 so I can monitor/view/record my own signals. DM330 22 AMP Switching power supply. Icom IC-275A to right of 6500 for VHF work. Antenna is Offset Feed Dipole up 18 ft. Plans are in the works for a 40-50 ft. tower with T-8 Log Periodic, 6 meter beam, & 260 Ft. dipole.
  • Asher - K0AUAsher - K0AU Member ✭✭
    edited March 14
    Work in progress. Haven't implemented the RX and 40M antennas yet. Still figuring out audio routing to/from the Win8 CPU for digital modes. Considering an audio mixing board, but not sure if I'll need it when DAX support is released. Design goal was to keep RF out of the house and offer minimal paths for ground looping. Fiber link is a multi-mode 62.5/125 1Gbps FDX Ethernet. Running stereo linear 16-bit 24KHz audio. Serial port drivers on the RR are not stable in Win8. The Moxa terminal server is rock solid.
  • Ken - NM9PKen - NM9P Member ✭✭
    edited June 23
    BTW.... If you are looking for a good footswitch for your station, this is what I just started using... http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-pcs-TEMCo-Aluminum-Foot-Switch-10A-SPDT-NONC-Electric-Pedal-Momentary-New-LOT-/400421916150?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:3160 It is solid, inexpensive, and works great! I bought two of them for $19 US, shipped! Now I have a spare, or one for portable work. You can buy them in lots of one, or in larger numbers. The price goes down with additional numbers. Four of them are only $29 US, shipped! I just thought I would pass it along. (I hope it doesn't break any rules.)

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