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Frequency snapping and truncating feature suggestions (on drag, double-click etc.)

VA7LWE Member
edited August 2016 in New Ideas
I'd like to suggest that the behaviour of tuning by dragging a receiver slice be modified by various options (probably by holding down a meta-key: shift, alt etc. while dragging). One very useful modification would cause the frequency to snap to a per-band settable interval that could limit the significant fraction of the frequency to the most likely fractions that people choose. Certainly at the moment when dragging around, you get arbitrary least significant values in the frequency as these are _only_ determined by the current pixel resolution during dragging. The useful intervals should of course be defaulted for something sensible out-of-the-box. Another future modification could be "snap-to-signal". Based on the current mode and receiver bandwidth, releasing a drag could snap the frequency to that of a detected signal in the last couple of seconds. This would perhaps need a history buffer, but maybe this will be possible when a waterfall has already been implemented. Double-clicking with this meta-key pressed should similarly snap to the signal under the mouse. While we have reasonably fine-grained tuning via the scroll wheel, it would be nice to have a meta-key that would offer a slower/finer tuning while dragging, rather than the tuning rate being the same as the scaled pixel travel. Also, it would be nice to use keys to truncate the frequency at a certain decimal place (e.g. CTRL-1, could truncate at the first digit, and CTRL-6 at the sixth digit) - another way to rapidly snap the frequency. Finally, there's a bug when selecting and typing the frequency. If the full number of digits are not provided, or a trailing decimal point is entered, then the radio jumps to an unintended frequency. The scanning of the frequency as entered could be improved.
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  • Bill - K7UOP
    Bill - K7UOP Member
    edited August 2013
    I like the snap to freq that PowerSDR running my Flex5000 uses. It snaps to an even freq determined by the current Step Freq interval. I use a 500 Hz Step for SSB. So when clicking near a signal, the freq will land on the nearest 500 Hz interval. This same behavior in SmartSDR would work for me. I have DDUTIL mode macros set to automatically select the appropriate Step Freq interval for the different modes. SSB=500Hz, CW=50Hz, AM=100Hz, FM=5KHz, etc.. Works really well. It looks like DDUTIL v3 still has these. With macros you can have multiple commands. For example I also turn Display Averaging on for SSB modes but turn it off for CW. Really versatile.

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