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Hi everyone, I' new here and I kindly ask your opinion as I just sold my FTDX-5000 in order to cross the bridge and use sdr technology. I purchased the "little" Elad FDM Duo and I'm very glad, but now I want a serious radio mainly for SSB and digital modes with some contest sometimes. next yar I want to learn CW. It's two weeks I read all posts here and on Anan forum. I also read many report and tests about the two radios I like, Anan 100d and Flex 6700. I'm in love of 6700, I created myself the opinion that everithing here is under control and it's a bolt-on equipment, no hassle, like when I installed my FTDX-5000, you power up and it's all...
Anyway what I undestood (but maybe im'm wrong) is that 6700 has a superior hardware, while 100d has a superior software. Consider the cost difference 6500-6700 and :
- I live in a little town, not in Arizona desert, here we have qrm, is useful a super preamp?
- 2m operation is important fom contest, but 6700 is not ready, missing power even for a PA
- Diversity is a dream
- 2 receivers, maybe useful...
This is the important point I don't understant, It's 2 years that every customer purchased a 6700
is waiting diversity and phaise noise canceler, a technology that flex knows very well becouse it's
present in Flex 5000. Why all are so glad and happy to see that instead Anan devoloped this
option without loosing so long time? I think this function is very very important for all customers that live in urban areas and justify alone to buy a 6700. But developers takes time and maybe in the next monthes will arrive sooner Flex 7000 than a SW that reaaly use the huge power 6700 can offer. SDR radios without a good software doesn't work, it's only electronic...
Good sense says to myself to buy an Anan 100d, becouse the software is reliable and complete with all the functions. Please give me a good reason to gamble with my money and beleave that in the next weeks 6700 will have the performances promised by the software developers to be comparable to the Anan SW. 6700 is in my dream since the presentation, I didn't espect so long time to complete a software for this wonderful machine. In Europe we have to pay this machine much more than US collegues and i see it as Ferrari with the wheels of a bike....
Am I wrong? I hope yes, but I will feel myself very stupid to have on my desk a 6700 with very close performances of a 6500 due to non complete SW dedicated for it.
Sorry... too long, but I wish to explain you the situation as I see it, to have a suggestion.
In other words, I'm ready to purchase a 6700, but is Flex Company ready to sell me a machine fully developed and ready to be put on the market?
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