will not tx after out of band

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Hi, F6300, v1.8.30 with N1MM+, DDUTIL

Working in the IARU contest this weekend, a couple of times accidentally clicked on 40m spots above 7.2MHz (above my UK band plan and turf settings). The TURF stopped me being silly by not letting me TX out of band.

But, then it did something really silly itself. Even when I was back well inside the band plan it still refused to TX again. In something of a hurry I had to close SSDR and power cycle the F6300 again. Not a contest friendly problem.
73 de Steve G1XOW
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Everyone,

Whilst bored at work today I had a hunch about this problem. I did some testing to prove the theory and now have some sloppy egg on face!

I am happy to report it was not a fault with either the Flex 6k or SSDR.  In fact not a fault as such. Having too much tech around does complicate things and easy to make assumptions. 

My SteppIR controller is connected to the PC via DDUTIL and serial cable, making for a pretty quick re-tune on any band, even non-Ham bands.

Step 1) what was actually happening was that the SteppIR controller (being entirely tune-able across HF) was busy retuning itself from 7.120 to 7.268 after the first cluster click. Obviously SSDR knew I couldn't transmit there so didn't let me try. However, the SteppIR controller and DDUTL did not, so duly moved the antenna elements to where it should for 7.268MHz

Step 2) once I realized I had clicked an out of band spot, I then clicked the panadaptor back on to 7.120MHz but still no TX....why?...cos the SteppIR was once again busy retuning back to 7.120 and had engaged the TX interlock to prevent me TXing into a moving element at QRO power....doh!

Due the element lengths, a retune on 40m takes a fair bit more time than the upper HF bands,  I therefore probably would not have seen a "problem" on the higher bands, and there also tends to be far fewer out of band spots too.

Sorry FRS not your problem this time, pretty glad really as it was just the tech being too smart. I blame 24 hours without sleep and babbling like an insane monkey to 1,360 total strangers.

74 de Steve G1XOW