Using Modem and Voice on a Net

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I have connected a RapidM RM-2 modem to the ACCY jack on the back of my 6700. I must manually switch from MIC to ACC before sending data with the modem and I must switch back from ACC to MIC before I can use the microphone again. I notice in the documentation that when using a sound card via DAX this is not necessary. The radio is smart enough to realize that when someone keys the microphone that the microphone should be enabled even though DAX is the selected input device. I hope that you will make the same behavior available for the ACC input (hardware modem users). It is both inconvenient and error prone to need to switch inputs between digital data and voice transmissions. You say so yourself in your radio documentation.

I have only had my 6700 a couple of weeks but it is awesome.  So much it can do!
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You don't want to be using SSB mode for digital modes, because the TX EQ, PROC, and TX FIlters of the SSB Profile are active. 

Use DigU or DigL for digital modes.  All of the other processing stuff is turned off in the DigU/L modes.

It would be better to use one slice for Phone and a 2nd slice on a different panadapter for your Digital modes, using DigU and switch the Active TX between the two slices when you need to change between voice and digital modes.

You can set up the rig so that each slice/pan uses a different Mic Profile, keeping the settings, inputs, filter, processor settings, etc. separate from one another.  This will guarantee maximum purity of your digital signal.  It is also easier than constantly changing Mic Inputs, or Mic Profiles on the same slice.

You can set the COM port that controls the Digital input to "Auto-switch" the TX to that slice whenever you hit transmit on the digital mode.  Unfortunately, there isn't currently a capability to "auto-switch" to a particular slice upon assertion of the PTT or Foot switch.  That is a user option I would like to see.

Ken - NM9P