Using Bluetooth remote Camera360 type button as PTT with SSDR-IOS

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A few months ago I thought I saw someone post about using one of these with SSDR-IOS.

So I bought one (The price was right, under $2, then wait 4-5 weeks).
It works great to snap the shutter on my iPhone and iPad.  And when the camera isn't open, it turns the volume or ringer volume up.

But has anyone gotten it to work for a PTT button on SSDR-IOS?

Ken - NM9P
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Ken,

I bought the button and tried to add it to the App but unfortunately, no luck (see below).

This button uses BT 3 and uses the HID Profile (like correctly assumed by Ria).

What it basically does is, it just generates a 'Volume-Up' key-press. This is an alternative way to activate the Camera.

Even though I was able to intercept the 'Volume-Up' key-press and was 'kind of' able to use it for toggling the PTT button, here are the disadvantages I found:

1.) There is no way (anymore) to prevent the original Volume Slider screen to appear if the volume button is pressed.

2.) If I would use this button, one can't change the volume anymore.

3.) Only toggling PTT would be possible (which would not be too bad)

Regarding 2.) I implemented a workaround by intercepting the button only when the PTT button is displayed but it's not really nice that you have to hide the PTT button to be able to change the volume.

Regarding 1.), there are several solutions available but all no longer work at least since iOS 10.

And finally, Apple doesn't like Developers to misuse the original physical buttons so it's not unlikely that Apple may reject the App because of this.

So it's basically unusable. Sorry.

However, the idea was very good and If somebody would know such a key that supports BT 4.0, chances are that I can support it because for BT 4.0 I can write my own communications interface which is not possible with BT 3.0.

Marcus, DL8MRE
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Way to be on top of the software. I have never used the ios version but I appreciate your work and passion. Thanks Marcus.